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AHS Store-Media Library (many more "free" daylily presentations)
OH A-1 Daylilies (Teri Turnbull)
IL 5-Acre Farm Daylilies (Rod Kroemer & Jim Wuersch)
GA A Daylily Pharm (Mike Barwick)updated9/16/15
WV Adena Hems (Mike Derrow)updated1/16/16
AL Agin Gardens (Allan Agin)
flag A La Carte Daylilies, England (Jan & Andy Wyers)
GA Alcovy Daylily Farm (Jesse & Mary Lois Burgess)
TX AmazingDaylilies (Nancy J. Barginear)
OH AmazingDaylily.com (Gerald Bushong)
CA Amador Flower Farm (Jeanne Deaver)
OH Amity Abloom (Charles & Cynthia Lucius)
NS Annapolis Valley Daylilies (Marie Stuart)
OH A North East Ohio Garden
A Northeast Ohio Garden Blog
(John Hric)
KY Antioch Daylily Garden (Charlie & Lisa Farmer)
flag Apple Court, England (Angela & Charles Meads)
OH Applegate Gardens Blog (Linda Applegate)
NH Aradeena Gardens (Gene & Nancy Smith)
LA Aragon Daylilies (Judy Duthu)
ON Arcadian Daylilies (Sandy Carlton)
BC Artemis Gardens (Bud & Anna Kuzenko)
ON Artemesia Daylilies (Alain Johnson & Jocelyn Bertrand)
FL Art Gallery Gardens (Ludlow & Rachel Lambertson)updated10/01/15
OH Ashwood Garden Daylily (Richard & Jan Norris)updated12/29/15
QC Au Jardin de Sol, Quebec (Solange Boisvert)
flag Aulden Farm, UK (Alun & Jill Whitehead)
ON Avalonia Daylilies (Ms.Lanny Morry, Mick & Jennifer Morry)
IN A Windsong Nursery (Kimber & Warren Wolfe)
GA Backyard Dayliliesnew11/01/15 (Winfred & Janie Huff)
GA Bailey's Daylily Gardens (Harold & Stacy Bailey)
MI Banner Daylily Gardens (Ellen Hizer)
MO Barks Farm Daylilies (Lindell D. Barks)
ME Barred Owl Daylilies (Rex Beisel & Craig Cote )updated3/13/16
OK Barron's Daylily Garden (Marvel Barron)
LA Bayou Bend Daylilies (Josh & Nikki Jaques)updated1/28/16
NC Bear W Daylily Farm (Mickey & Kim Webb)
KS Beginners Luck Daylilies (Bobbi & Jeremy Burk)
GA Bell's Daylily Garden (Tim & Linda Bell)updated1/14/16
TX Benvenuti Daylily Garden (Loris Garrett)
OH Benz Gardens (John Benz)updated9/02/15
flag BHHS (Official British Site)
NC Billinda Daylily Garden (Bill & Linda Gluck)
OH Birdland Daylilies (Jack Church)
FL Black's Daylily Patch (Bruce & Pat Black)
GA Bloomin Designs (Linda & Mike Butler)
CT Bloomingfields Farm (Lee & Diana Bristol)
TN Blooming Idiots Farm (Nancy M. Rich)
flag germany Bluebells-garten, Germany (Sabine Geisler)
CT Blue Flag Farm (Marion Miller)
KY Bluegrass Daylily Gardens (Chuck & Jenny Williams)
KY Bluegrass Gardens Daylily Farm (Laura & David Burris)
ME Blue Hill Country Garden (Don & Susan Church)updated5/25/16
NC Blue Ridge Daylilies (Robert Selman)updated12/13/15
KY Bluffview Daylilies (Bill Selhorst)
flag Blütentraum, Germany (Gabriele Epple)
OK Bob Scott Nursery (Bob Scott)
MA Bob Sobek's Daylilies (Robert Sobek)
flag Boitzer Taglilien, Germany (Gerald Hohls)
ON Bonibrae Daylilies (Barry & Margaret Matthie)updated4/24/16
CT BonnieSz's Photostream (Bonnie Szarek)
VA Branham Farms Daylily Gardens (Becky Branham)
flag Netherlands Bridge View Gardens,Netherlands (Kees Jan Kraan)
MD Briscos' Best Blooms (Sue & Fred Brisco)
flag Brookfield Plants, England (Paul Harris)
OK Brooks' Daylily Garden (Roy & Donna Brooks)
NY Brookside Gardens (Muriel & John Stahl)
SC Browns Ferry Gardens (Charles & Heidi Douglas)updated11/21/15
VA Bunting Daylily Garden (John Bunting)
FL Buntyn Daylily Garden (Hugh & Pam Buntyn)
CA California Daylilies (Keith Miner)
BC Canyon Ridge Daylily Farm (Lynne Cherot & Chris Boulanger)updated11/21/15
NH Capitol Day Lilies (Greg Marquis)updated3/29/16
SC Carolina Dayliliesupdated2/12/16
Tom Bruce's YouTube Videos*
(Tom Bruce)updated1/18/16
flag Italy Casa Rocca, Italy (Marc King)
SC Cedar Ridge Farm (Nancy & Steve McCannon)
IN Cedarthorn Gardens (Louise & Bobby James)
NC Celestial Daylilies (J.D. Stadler)updated1/08/16
KS Celestial Gardens (Thomas Loewen)
GA Centerpiece Gardens (Bruce & Pat Kovach)
TN Champion Daylilies (John & Donna Farinella)
LA Charmnron Daylilies (Charmaine & Ronald Rothbauer)
TN Chattanooga Daylily Gardens*
Lee's Daylily Potpourri Blogupdated1/13/16
(Lee & Jean Pickles)updated9/20/15
OH Cherished Memories Daylilies (Amber & Tom Ward)
OH Cheryl Daylilies (Cheryl Day)
NY Chris' Hidden Harbor (Chris & Steve Petersen)
TN Chris's PictureTrail Album (Chris Massengill)
flag Cilgwyn Lodge, Wales (Keith Brown & Moira Thomas)
flag CireHems, Netherlands (Eric Bijl)
flag Claragarden, Italy (Daniele Bilancioni)
ON Clarke Farms (John Clarke)updated11/30/15
IN Clement Garden (Bret Clement)updated11/15/15
MI Colorful Chaos Dayliliesnew12/13/15 (Chad Bush)
IL Colorsgalore Dayliliesnew9/02/15 (Sarah & Lee Craigmyle )
flag Con & Carol's Daylily Homepage, AU (Con & Carol Carlyon)
TN Consider Today's Liliesnew8/16/15 (Danny & Lilia Clanton)
NY Cottage Garden Daylilies (Dave & Anne Whalen)
NY Cottage Gardens (Brent & Debbie Ross)updated12/01/15
IA Cottage-in-the-Meadow Gardens (Larry and Wilma Rettig)updated4/24/16
GA Country Lane Daylilies (Wayne & Jo Taunton)
FL Countryside Daylilies (Ottis Houston & Andrew Harbison)
TX Crainer's Daylily Farm (Everett & Chris Crainer)
NC CreativEdge Daylilies (Deborah Cash)
AR Creekside Daylilies (Jack E. Locklar)
OH Crintonic Gardens (Curt Hanson)updated3/18/16
ON 1)Cross Border Daylilies
2)Distinctly Creative Designs (Many listed herein)*
(John Peat)updated3/01/16
VT Crossview Gardens (Harold & Leila Cross)
CT Ctdaylily (Darleen & Richard Howard)updated12/12/15
ON Culver Farm Daylilies (Bryan Culver)updated12/02/15
MI Currie's Daylily Farm (Paula Shaw)
TN Daddy Daughter Dayliliesnew3/20/16 (Phillip Steidl & daughter Rachel Steidl Felty)
flag Netherlands Daglelie-Daglelies-Hemerocallis, Netherlands (Simon Wiersma)updated10/07/15
flag Daglelies.be, Belgium (Johan Vanheusden)
SD Dakota Daylilies (Suzanne Karl)
NC Dale Hensley Dalily Introductions (Dale Hensley)
AL Dancing Daylily Garden (Becky & Morris Parr)
NY Daredevil Daylily*
What Daylilies Mean To Me Blog
(Linda Michaels)updated11/07/15
GA David's Dragonfly Farm (David & Tere Hoechst)
ON David's Garden (David Retallick)updated1/21/16
NC Davis Boxwood & Daylily Gardens (Clinton & Rebecca Davis)
NC Davisson Garden (Glen & Judy Davisson)updated10/29/15
PA Dayliles And Beyond (Jane & Barry Black)
OH Daylilies And More (Wayne & Rita Zidonis)
OH Daylilies at Turtle Junction (Peggy Pritchard)
flag Daylilies By Clare, Australia (Alan & Clare Bewsher)updated4/14/16
FL Daylilies Buy George
Formerly:Ridaught Daylily Farm
(Matthew Ridaught George)
flag Daylilies By The Lake, Australia (Joan & Neville Charman)
SC Daylilies By The Yard (Jim White & Marsha Boykin)
TX Daylilies By Wes (Wesley Simmons)
LA Daylilies Etc. (Joe Goudeau)
TX Daylilies Of Kenefick (Ken & Katy Breeden)
NC Daylilies Of North Carolina (Bobby Baxter)
MO Daylilies Of The Valley (Karen Sherrill)updated12/04/15
flag Daylilies-Planet, Poland (Halina Bodusz)
VA Daylilies With Variegated Foliagenew3/05/16 (Richard Dittman)
VA Daylily Blog, Gardening In Virginia*
Julie's Flickr Albums
Julie's Photobucket Album
(Julie Covington)updated5/16/16
SC Daylily And Hosta Gdns (Cynthia Gibson)
flag Belgium Daylily And Waterlily Nursery, Belgium (Pol & Danielle Detienne)updated1/05/16
KY Daylily BReeder Blog (Brian Reeder)updated5/17/16
WI Daylily Chatters
(formerly Ronie Johnston's Albums)
(Jill Reynolds)
IN Daylily Connection (Matt VanNatta)
TX Daylily Daze (Michelle Swan)
flag Day Lily Dream, Germany (Gabriele Behrens)
AR Daylily Du Jour's photostream (Gail & Wayde Rasberry)
HI Daylily Exchange (Michael Longo)
  Daylily Friends
(Many gardens listed herein)
(Tom Rood)
MS Daylily Haven Gardens (Nina Morgan)
OH Daylily Lane (Pat & Dick Henley)
MO Daylily Lay*
Flickr Album
Creating Interest Blog
(Michael Bouman)updated11/08/15
NC Daylily Meadows (Paul Foster)
PA Daylily Paradise (Leo, Mike & Joe Veychek)
AL Daylily Place*
Daylily Place Photobucket
(Fred & Kathleen Manning)updated9/25/15
  Daylily Search (Rusty & Joanna McKinley)
OH Daylily Seedling Photographs (Karen Brenner)
KS Daylily Sweetheart (Andrea Weaver)
OH DaylilyTrader.com
(Many gardens listed herein)
Co-op Region 2 Hybridizers (Mike Holmes)
KY Daylily World (D.Kirchhoff & Mort Morss)
TN Dazzling Daylilies Album (Cheryl Harris)
VA Deb's Daylilies (Debbie & Randall Parsons)
flag Decadent Daylilies, AU
Daylilies in Australia Blog
(Christine Moore)
MS Deep South Daylilies
Chris's Daylily Adventure Blog
(Chris & Elizabeth Rea)
ME Deer Wood Farm & Gardens (Beverly &Brian Hendricks)
TN Delano Daylilies.com (Steve & Karen Newman)
ON Dettweiler Daylily Daze (Ross & Gabriele Dettweiler)
UT Diane's Daylilies (Diane Linsley)
flag Dienliliju Darzs, Latvia (Varis Bangieris)
MA Distinctive Garden Designs
BB's Videos
(Bobbie Brooks)
FL Dixie Lily Nursery (James & Luane Mikell)
GA Don Eller Daylilies (Donald & Nancy Eller)updated3/05/16
PA Don Herr Daylilies (Don & Trish Herr)updated10/23/15
NS Don's Daylily Hybrids (Don Longton)
OH Dorsets N Daylilies (Kirsten Hatfield)
IL Dowis Ranch (Eric Denham)updated2/26/16
FL Dragon's Mead Daylilys (Randy & Cindy Fleming)
FL Dragonwood Garden (CJ & Virginia Gregory)
NC Dreamscape Daylily Gardens (Kenneth Wilkie)updated3/26/16
ON Dreamy Daylilies (Cathy & Giles Boynowski )
GA Druid City Daylily Garden*
Village Photos
(William Marchant)updated9/27/15
KY Duke's Daylilies (Jonathan Liles)
FL Dunnellon Florida Gardening
Historic or Heritage Daylilies
(Mark Cook)
ON Dunrobin Daylilies (Ernie Sellers)
VA Earthly Treasures Daylily Garden (Angie Bowald)
MS E and B Farm (Eddie & Belinda Winters)
OR Eclectic Gardens (Julie Holderith)
ME Ellie's Daylilies (Ellie & Bruce Richardson)updated2/29/16
IL Ellison Daylilies (Bob & Pat Ellison)
TN Elohim Gardens (Phillip & Carol Sims)
BC Elysium Garden Nursery (Jacquie Cherot)
PA Endless Mtns Daylily Farm (Kevin & Sharon Burke)
MI Ensata Gardens (John Coble & Bob Bauer)
NC Eric Simpson Dayliliesnew11/12/15 (Eric Simpson)
BC Erikson's Daylily Gardens (Pam Erikson)
VA E.T. Daylily Gardens (Janice Kennedy)
flag Eurocallis, Belgium (Francois Verhaert)updated4/04/16
flag Euro Hosta, Slovakianew2/16/16 (Milan & Dana Zubrikova)
flag Experimental Nursery Daylilies, Poland (Dr. Jerzy Bodalski)updated2/12/16
ON Fairyscape Daylilies (Charmaine Payne)
GA Favorite Things Daylily Garden (Gregg Connell)updated3/28/16
TN Felts West Main Garden (Troy & Joyce Felts)
KY Finchville Daylily Gardens (Matt & Ellen Zehnder)
ON Floral And Hardy Gardens/Crescent Nursery (Betty and Marv Fretz)
CA Flourishing Daylilies (Subhana Ansari)
TX Flower Branch Gardens Daylily Farmnew8/13/15 (Tracey & Gary Stewart)
FL Floyd Cove Nursery (Guy & Karen Pierceupdated11/14/15
NY Frog Hollow Daylilies (David Gehrs)
FL Fussell's Daylily Farm Facebook (Clint Fussell)
AB Gablehouse Farm & Gardens (Carolyn & Jeff Bondy)updated11/19/15
GA Gala Gardens of Columbus (Camille Mitchell)
IN Galak's Garden Daylilies Blognew8/16/15 (Tom & Kim Anders)
OR Garden Fantasies Designer Daylilies (Chris & Rusty Lane)
OH Garden Of Eaton (Eric Moore)
MI Garden Path Perennials (Ginny Pearce)
NE Garden Perennials (Gail Korn)updated4/24/16
OK Gardens By Judy Ann (Judy Ann Jantz)
OH Gardens In The Works (Larry & Marla Work)
ON Gardens Plus (Dawn Tack)
MN Gardens With A Northern Exposure (Rita & Gary Schaben)
MN Garfield Gardens (Mandy Wadekamper)
GA Gaskins Daylily Garden (Mary & Phil Gaskins)updated12/31/15
MO Gilbert H. Wild & Son (Greg Jones)
NY Ginny Byers' Photos (Ginny Byers)
MO Glory Be Gardens (Nancy Rold)
WI Glory Gardens
Gardens and Castles Blog
Dick & Nancy Olson)
KY Gold City Flower Gardens (Betty & Delbert Amend)
CA Gold Coast Daylilies (Teresa Bettencourt - formerly Stan & Bonnie Holley)
MA Golden Skep Farm (Elaine & Carl Wickstrom)
VA Gotta Garden Blog (Katie Cook)
NY Grace Gardens (Tom & Kathy Rood)
AL Graceland Gardens (Larry & Cindy Grace)updated1/18/16
ON Gratrix Garden Lilies (Tom Gratrix)
TN Green Thumbs Galore (Belle & Jeff Jarrett)
MA Greywood Farm (Darlyn Wilkinson)updated2/07/16
ON Gryphon Gardens (Gil & Sally Stelter)updated2/18/16
LA Guidry's Daylily Garden (Patrick & Diana Guidry)updated10/26/15
NS Harbour Breezes (Allan Banks & Shayne Doucette)
NH Harmon Hill Farm (Carl & Marlene Harmon)updated3/04/16
flag Harrells Hardy Plants, Englandnew2/15/16 (Liz Nicklin and Kate Phillips)
ON Hawkvalley Hemerocallis Haven (Joe Hawkins)
flag Hedera Gardens, Latvia (Raimonds Petrovskis)
OH Heavenly Gardens (Jamie & Dianna Gossard)updated1/05/16
VA Hemaday Haven (Roma Radford)
MI Hemaholics Anonymous (Cody Taylor)
QC Hémérocalle Bellmar (Yvon Bellemare)
QC Hémérocalles (Marc Vaudry)
QC Hémérocalles Charlevoix (Jean & Nicole Tremblay)updated12/07/15
QC Hémérocalles Daniel Matton (Daniel Matton)updated11/08/15
flag Hémérocalles de la Pointe, France *
Jardin Keriel on Facebook
(Guénolé Savina)updated11/06/15
QC Hémérocalles de l'Isle (Daniel Harrisson)
QC Hémérocalles du Sanctuaire (Martin Potvin)
QC Hémérocalles Rivière-du-Loup (Michel, Serge & Claude Gouletupdated12/26/15
QC Hemerocallia (Michel Lévesque & Denyse Savard)
flag Hemerocallis Centro Italia
(Enrico Rossi)updated3/27/16
Flag EU Hemerocallis Europa (H.E. Webmaster: Juerg Plodeck)
QC Hemerocallis Montfort (Linda Lagroix)updated3/20/16
flag Hemerocallis Species HomePage, Switzerland Dr. Juerg Plodeck
TX Hemerocallis, The Daylily
Bill's Daylily Photo Gallery
Bill's Daylily Hybridizing Calendar
The Happy Daylily Blog*
(Bill & Gina Jarvis)updated5/01/16
AL Hem Haven Daylily Nursery (John & Nancy Falck)
NC Hemnut's Daylily Page (James Costner)
GA Herrington Daylily Garden (Tim, Heather & Hans Herrington)updated2/23/16
MI Hickory Haven Daylily Gardens (Steve & Anna Deming)
PA Hickory Hill Gardens (Clayton Burkey, deceased 2015)
ON Hillside Daylilies (Dave Mussar)updated2/01/16
flag Netherlands Hobbykwekerij Daglelies, Holland (Martin Adema)
VT Hold'n Heaven Daylilies (Neal & Charmaine Rich)updated1/31/16
VA Home Grown, etc. Flickr Album (Judy & Griff Durant)
NC Homeplace Gardens (Ken & Cindy Dyeupdated2/27/16
MO Homestead Farms (Ron, Kurt & Brett Vitoux)
OH Hoot Owl Hollow Nursery (Hank & Jane Milhorn)
IL Hornbaker Gardens (Kathy & Rich Hornbaker)
ON Horner Lilies (Estelle & Rick Horner)
MA Huben Daylilies, Diploid Resurgent (Mike Huben)updated3/01/16
AL Hunter's Torch Daylily Garden (John & Denise Phillips)
SC I Can't Believe It's A Dip (Ed Zahler & Duane Therrien)updated9/20/15
WI I-Divides Gardennew5/05/16
Bobber's Daylily Blog
(Bobbi Johnson & mother Sandy Raasch)
TX Imperialdaylilies.com (Art & Nina Imperial)
flag In The Buss Shelter, Scotland (Mitch & Colin Buss)
AL In The Neighborhood Daylilies (Randy & Sharon Pilcher)updated1/28/16
WI I Plant Happiness (Carole Anderson)
flag Iris & Hemerocallis, Germany (Dr. Tomas & Christina Tamberg)
NC Iron Gate Gardens (Van M. Sellers & Vic Santa Lucia)
NY Isabel Hibbard Gardens (Isabel Hibbard, deceased 2012)
GA Jammin's Daylily Garden (Ben, Amanda Mark & June Singletary)updated1/09/16
QC Jardin des Nuances (Normand Dancause)
QC Jardin Le Florilège (Claude & Clémence Quirion)
flag Jardin L'Imprevu, Switzerland Liselotte Hirsbrunner
QC Jardins Shefford (Lynn & Marcel Dallaire)updated2/05/16
CA Jeff Corbett Daylilies (Jeff Corbett)
Great Britian Jennie Sivyer's Public Gallery (Jennie Sivyer)
KY Joe Kunkel Home Page (Joe Kunkel)
ON John & Paula's Daylilies (John & Paula Burgener)
FL Johnson Daylily Gardens (Jeff & Linda Johnson)
GA Joiner Daylily Gardens (Royce, Jan, & the Joiner Family)updated4/13/16
AL JTM Gardens.com (Jesse & Terah George)updated2/04/16
flag Julie's Daylilies, South Australia (Julie Fry)
AL Kabby's Picturetrail Albums (Kabby Collins)
MI Kathy's Earthly Arts (Kathy, Fred & Joe Rinke)
GA Katielou's Lilies (Kate & Doug Greene)
GA Kaye's Kreations Daylily Gardens (Kaye & Tom Fearneyhough)
IA Keast Daylily Gardens (Mary & Tom Keast)updated3/16/16
MS Kemberly Gardens (Kemberly Roberts)
GA Kennesaw Mtn Daylily Gdnsupdated12/31/15
Bill's Daylily Corner Blogupdated12/04/15
(Bill & Diana Waldrop)
PA Keystone Crossroads (Sherry Jesberger)
BC Kilmalu Farms Nursery (Suzanne Johnston)
IL Kinder Place Gardens (Dan & Jo Ann White)
WI Klehm's Song Sparrow Farm & Nursery (Roy & Sarah Klehm)
SC Knob Hill Gardens (William Hemmingsen)
MA Knoll Cottage Daylilies*
Knoll Cottage Daylilies Blog
(Lori-Ann Jones)updated5/20/16
flag Kwekerij Joosten, Netherlands (Marianne & Fred Joosten)
FL Ladybug Daylilies (Dan Hansen)updated11/05/15
flag La Pépinière de la Thyle,Belgium (Thierry de Ryckel)
NY Lasting Dreams Daylilies (Carol & Anthony Haj)updated5/04/16
VA Laurel Hill Nursery (Anita, Eric & Tina Huffman)
FL Ledgewood Gardens (Gunda Abajian)
FL Le Petit Jardin (Greg & Marcela Goff - Ted & Susan Petit) updated11/16/15
QC L'Ermitage des Elfes (Pierre-André Rocheleau)
QC Les Jardins d'Emmarocalles (Michel Tardif & Mireille Albert)
QC Les Jardins Osiris (Serge Fafard)
QC Les Vivaces de l'Isle (Sylvie Machabée)
OH Lewis Daylily Garden (Paul K. Lewis)updated11/15/15
MI Lighthouse Gardensnew11/08/15 (Cynthia Tyrrell)
TN Lilies Of The Field Blog (Linda Hassler)
flag Liliowce - moje hobby, Poland (Grazyna Nogowska)updated3/15/16
OH Lily Creek Gardens (Mark & Cynthia Druckenbrod)
TN Lilyfantn Online Photos (Susan Okrasinski)
SK Lilyfield Farm
(Cheryl & Karl Siemens)updated5/04/16
PA Lily House In The Big Woods(Gary & Mary Ann Pruden)
MO Lilywood Farms (Alex & Mary Fife)
flag lithuania Lithuanian Daylily & Iris Garden (Edvinas Misiukevicius)
IN Lobo Rose And Daylily Gardens (Loretta Zink)
MN Loon Song Gardens
Loon Song Gardens Blog
(Mike & Kathy Lamb)
VA Lots Gap Mountain Daylilies (Mike & Cindy Kitts)
FL Magic Seeds Nursery (Terri Jones)
PA Manatawny Creek Farm (Tim & Michelle Glick)
NY Mare's PictureTrail Albums (Mary Anne Miller)
NC Marietta Gardens (Faye & Elizabeth Shooter)updated10/07/15
NE Mary Baker Picturetrail (Mary Baker)updated11/08/15
CA Maryott's Gardens (Bill & Marilyn Maryott)
KY May's Acres Daylilies (Eléna Retsinas May)
NY Melodye's Gallery (Melodye Campbell)
NC Mercers' Garden (Roger & Maureen Mercer)
NH Merrymeeting Daylilies (Les Turner)
ON Mike's Backyard Garden (Michael Cummings)
NC Millstone Meadows Farm (Sara & Mark Hord)
MI Miss Becky's Lily Farm (Becky Hutchins)
GA Misty Valley Farm (Laura St.Onge & Drew Litzenberger)
OH Moldovan's Gardens (Roy Woodhall, deceased 2015)
WI Monches Farm (Scott Sieckman & Matt Kastell)
OH Mondron Daylily Garden (Pete & Sally Mondron)
NY Montauk Daylily Garden (Joan Palumbo)
NJ Morning Star Daylilies (Mary Burgents)
MI Morri Gardens (Michael Morri)
ON Mother and Daughters Daylilies (Joan Rich & Mary Lou Molennar)
flag Mtn View Daylily Gardens, AU (Scott Alexander)
NY Daylilies Donkeys & Dogs Blog (Pam Hoffman)
NY Nass Daylily Farm (Janet & Harold Nass)
OH Natural Selection Daylilies (Bob Faulkner)updated9/24/15
IL Nature's Edge Daylilies (Gayle Menges Story)updated12/29/15
MO Nature's Melody Nursery (Tom & Laura Hood)
NJ Near-Sighted Art (Richard William Haynes)
CO New Day Gardens (Debra Scott)
IL Newbury Daylilies, Etc (Larry & Marilyn Wilborn)
FL Nicole's Daylilies
Nicole's Daylilies Facebook
(Nicole Harry DeVito)
IL Nikki's 2015 AHS Natn Convention, Atlanta, GA. (Nikki & Steve Schmith)
MA Nor'East Daylilies*
Nor'East Daylilies Blog
(Mary Collier Fisher)updated2/26/16
NY North Country Daylilies (Bob & Melanie Mason)updated2/13/16
WI Northern Grown Perennials (Rod Lysne)
NY Northern-Hardy Daylilies (Mike Fleche)updated4/21/16
MN Northern Lights Daylilies (Michael Grossmann & Kathleen Nordstrom)
  Northern Mecca
(Many gardens listed herein)
(Joel T. Polston)
ON Nottawasaga Daylilies (Julie & Tom Wilson)updated12/19/15
NS Nova Scotia Daylilies (Wayne & Coral Kincaid)
TN Oakes Daylilies (Wm, Stewart & Ken Oakes)
GA Oak Haven Farms (Lonnie & Glenn Ward)updated4/17/16
IL Oak Hill Daylilies (Charles & Bonnie Nichols)
OH O'Bannon Springs Daylilies (Steve Williams)updated1/31/16
ME O'Donal's Nursery- Barth Daylilies (Jeff O'Donal)
flag Offenthal Taglilien, Germany (Rolf Offenthal)
MI Ogden Station Daylilies (Jerry & Lisa Marlatt)
flag Oirlicher Blumengarten, Germany (Marlu & Gunter Waldorf)
VT Olallie Daylily Garden (Christopher & Amelia Darrow)
KY Old Country Daylilies Blog (Derek Ball)
ON On Russell (David Jewell)updated11/16/15
GA Pangaia Dayliliesnew4/27/16 (Jessie Worsham & Steven Mosley)
TN ParadiseGarden.com (The Oakes Family)
NY Park Lane Daylilies (Kathleen Maynard)
MA Partridge Hill Gardens (Steve & Ellen Laprise)
QC Passion Hémérocalles (Josette Ratté)
RI Patham Daylilies & Roses (Patsy Cunningham)
OR Pat's Oakleaf Daylily Garden (Pat Loveland)
NY Patterned Daylilies*
Di's 2014 AHS Natn Convention photos
(Di DeCaire)updated9/03/15
TX Paynes In The Grass Daylily Farm (Leon & Paula Payne)
GA Peace on Earth Gardens (Jim & Mary Netherton)
LA Peanut's Daylilies (Elrin "Peanut" Fanguy)
ON Pearl Gardens (Brian & Diane Jones)
MI Pendergriff South (Randy Griffin)
PA Perfect Perennials (Diane & Stuart Kendig)updated11/21/15
IN Petal Pusher Daylilies (Doug & Elaine Seifert)updated2/14/16
FL Pete Harry Daylilies (formerly Frank Smith) (Pete & Rossen Harry)updated12/01/15
NS Pheasant Gardens (Cecil & Lillian Dunlap)
TX Pine Branch Daylily Garden (Bobby & Aileen Castlebury)
MA Pine Nook Daylilies (Nan Sadoski)
WI Pinewood Gardens (Phil & Luella Korth)updated11/21/15
LA Plantation Gardennew11/02/15 (Henry & Patty Bradford)
  Plantstep Catalog Listings
(Many gardens listed herein)
(Kent Belan)
OH Pleasant Valley Gardens (Joel Thomas Polston & Doug Sterling)updated10/30/15
WI Plum Hill Farm Daylilies (Linda Ball)
flag Pollie's Perennials & Daylily Nursery, UK
Pollie's Daylilies Photostream
(Pollie & Terry Maasz)
IL Pondside Gardensnew12/26/15 (Suzanne Eck)
KY Possum Ridge Farm & Gdns (Patricia Aneszko)
OH Pretty Petals Garden*
Pretty Petals Gdn Blog
(Kimberly McCutcheon)updated11/06/15
WI Purple Daze Daylily Gardennew10/14/15 (Ed Kraus)
NY QB Daylily Gardens (Denny & Mary Quackenbush)
KY Quarles Daylilies (Janet Quarles)
ON Quintessential Daylilies (Mike Georges)updated1/08/16
CA Rainbow Acres (Kelly Mitchell)updated2/09/16
flag Rainbow Daylilies, AU (Shelli Green)
NY Rainbow Daylily Garden (Bob & Mimi Schwarz)
IN Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm (Brad & Natasha Best)
NY RavenCroft Cottage*
RavenCroft Intros & Albums
RavenCroft Cottage Facebook
(Anna Carlson)updated3/05/16
OH Redbud Hill Daylily Gardens (Richard & Susan Hamilton)
OK Red Earth Daylilies (Rick Pearce)
PE 1) Red Lane Gardens*
2) Nancy's Personal Homepage
(Nancy Oakes)updated12/05/15
FL Reilly Daylily Gardens (Pina Reilly & daugher Marisa)updated1/27/16
ON Rhodo Land Nursery (Jack & Jackie Looye)
VA Richmond Daylilies (John & Kathy Paine)
OH River Bend Gardens*
River Bend Daylily Blogger
(Mike & Sandy Holmes)updated11/05/15
ME Rockhaven Daylilies (Lisa & Paul Bourret)
OR Rogers Gardens' Daylilies (Richard Akers)
FL Rollingwood Gardens (Elizabeth, Jeff & Alexandra Salter)
OH Rose's Garden (Ruth Rose)
IL Roth's Daylilies (Theresa Roth)
SC Roycroft Daylily Nursery (Bob Roycroft)updated12/21/15
NH Running Fox Farm (Claudia & Dave Conway)
ON Rural Roots Gardens (Kelly Jones)
TX Rush Creek Gardens (Chris von Kohn)
MO Safe Haven Daylilies (Jennifer Wilson & John Eiseman)
OH Saksa Daylily Farm (Beverly & Tim Saksa)
NE Sam Hill Gardens (Pat & Dan Underwood)
FL Sample Gardens (Linda Sample)
NC Sanderosa Gardensnew11/03/15 (Terry & Liliya Tew)
AR Sandy Nall's Gallery (Sandy Nall)
SC Sassafras Garden & Farm (Floyd Boatwright)
FL Sattelmeier Daylilies (Mark Sattelmeier)updated2/26/16
ON Schindler Daylily Farm (Hans Schindler)
GA Scott Elliott Daylilies (Scott & Dominique Elliott)updated4/13/16
MO Seajay's Daylilies (Richard & Carol Mock)
MA Seascape Daylilies (Andrew Reilly)updated1/04/16
MA Seaside Daylily Farm (Wendy Forest)
QC Serres Beaulieu Enr. (Diane Beaulieu)
ON Shades Of Green (Art & Lynn Bisschop)
GA Shady Rest Gardens (Doris & David Bishop)updated4/08/16
Great Britian Shakkai's Daylilies, England (Shannan Read)
AL Shantih Daylily Gardens (Judi & Paul Aucoin)
AL Sharon's Daylily Blog (Sharon Price)
BC Shawnigan Gardens (Julia Brooke & Andy Cooke)updated4/16/16
GA Shaw's Sunshine Gardens (Charles, Debra Shaw)
TX Shelly Stasney's Public Gallery (Shelly Stasney)
IL Sherman Daylily Garden (Dale & Cindy Sherman)updated1/30/16
IN Shields Gardens Ltd (James Shields)
AR Signature Daylilies (Ron & Nora Reimer)updated5/11/16
MI Silver Creek Daylilies (Mandy McMahon)updated2/29/16
MA Silver Garden Daylilies (Richard Willard)
GA Simonton Bridge Daylily Farm (Joann Stewart)
SC Singing Oakes Garden (Peggy Jeffcoat)
PA Skinner Daylilies (Ron & Megan Skinner)
NY Slate Hill Farm Daylilies (Craig & Mary Barnes)updated1/05/16
NC Slightly Different Nursery (Paul Owen)updated11/23/15
VA Small World Gardens (Larry, Paulette & Michael Miller)updated10/10/15
MI Smith Daylilies (Gerald & Kristin Smith)
MI Smokey's Gardens new3/28/16 (Kevin & Rocky DeLucenay)
PA Smoulder's Daylily Garden and Supplies (Tom & Elaine Smoulder)
NY Smug Creek Gardens (Mike & Kathy Guest Shadrack)
WI Solaris Farm (Nate Bremer)updated1/13/16
BC Southland Nursery (Thomas Hobbs & Brent Beattie)
FL Spacecoast Daylilies (John Kinnebrew Jr. & Jamie Gossard)updated2/26/16
flag Special Perennials, England (Janet & Martin Blow)
flag Specialized Farm Supplied Hemerocallis, Poland (Artur Jasinski)
AR Spider's Web Daylily Garden (Vikki Mick)
MT Spring Fever Daylilies (Ken & Mary McGann)
MN Springwood Gardens*
Springwood Gardens Blog
(Dick, Karol & Jim Emmerich)updated10/30/15
OH Squire Gardens (Robert O'Neal)updated4/15/16
CA Stamile Daylilies (Pat & Grace Stamile)updated10/11/15
VA Stardreamer Daylilies (Carol & Dave Sarginger)updated1/23/16
VA Sterrett Gardens (Rich & Rikki Sterrett)
OK Stout Gardens at Dancingtree (Hugh & Jennifer Stout)
flag Strictly Daylilies, England (Paula & Chris Dyason)
ON Strongs' Daylilies (Maureen & Bob Strong)
MS Suburban Daylilies (Earl & Barbara Watts)
flag Summergarden Daylily Nursery, N.Z. (Vicky Sampson & Jeff Griggs)
TN Sunshine Hollow (Dave & Vicki Rhyne)
Germany Taglilien am Heiderand,Germany (Monika Gruner-Mittag)
flag Taglilien am Niederrhein, Germany (Marc Grotendorst & Theresia Funke)
flag Taglilien und Hosta Hobbygarten, Germanynew1/29/16 (Katrin & Jens-Peter Frohreich)
Germany Tagliliensammlung Carl-H. Stichling (Carl-H. Stichling)
OH Tangled Vine Garden (J.R. Blanton)
flag Taunus Garten, Germany (Sybil D'Oria & Harald Juhr)
KY Teaguewood Daylilies (Laura Teague)
NJ Telmarc Gardens (Terrence McGarty)
KS The Amy Garden (Steve & Jane Amy)
  The Daylily Addict, Price & Reference Guide (Charles Dorsey)
  The Daylily Place, EmailrobinHome (James Shields)
GA The Daylily Store (Connie Horner)
SC The Lamb Garden (Leslie Mauck)
MI The Lilly Pad (Lori Disbrow)
TX The Lily Farm.com (Mark Carpenter)updated12/14/15
ME The Maine Garden (Bill & Lynn Warman)
ON The Potting Shed (Jack Kent & Paul Bolland)
ON 1) The Spring Sickness Home Page
2) Daylily Rust Information Page
3) Daylilies On Ice
(Sue Bergeron)
KY Thoroughbred Daylilies (John & Annette Rice)updated8/31/15
KS Tiny Town Daylily
Picasa: Hybridizer's Gallery
(Deb Carriker)
MS Tom's Daylilies Blog (Tom Maddox)updated1/02/16
MA Tranquil Lake Nursery (Philip Boucher & Warren Leach)
KY Trenton Daylilies (Randy & Marguerite Oakes)
ON True North Daylilies (Tim Hobbs & Donna Pass)updated4/29/16
IA Turkey Ridge Day Lilies (David & Shirley Halverson)
IL Twig's Garden (Mary Anne Leisen)
OH Twin Beech Gardens (Dottie Warrell)
ON Val Mahnic's Daylilies (Val Mahnic)
OH Valley of the Daylilies (Dan & Jackie Bachman)updated5/15/16
ON Van Berlo Gardens (Mary Ann Van Berlo)
VT Vermont Flower Farm (Gail, George & Alex Africa)
OH Victorian Garden (Gerda Brooker)
VA Viette Farm & Nursery (André, Claire & Mark Viette)
QC Vivaces Nordiques Daylilies (José Jaimes & Miloslav Kudr)updated4/11/16
flag lithuania Vysniausku Geles (Flowers), Lithuanianew12/16/15 (Kestutis & Viktorija Vysniauskai)
IA Walkabout Gardens (Nan & Merwyn Ripley)updated3/08/16
IA Walnut Hill Gardens (Barry Stoll)updated8/14/15
ON Walnut Gardens (Marilyn Berdan)
MO Waterman Gardens (Patti Waterman)updated3/22/16
FL Water Mill Gardens (Dan & Jane Trimmer)updated12/05/15
TN Welcome To Wagsworld (John & Kathy Wagner)
flag Belgium Welkom To Website Of Huys Benoot, Belgium (John Benoot)
ON We're In The Hayfield (Janet Taylor & Simon Gill)updated1/05/16
TN Westbourne Daylilies (Mary Jane Meadows)
NY Whispering Hills Gardennew1/23/16 (Pat Sayers)
flag White Cottage Daylilies (Nicholas Peirce)
ON Whitehouse Perennials (Suzanne Patry & Bruce Trites)
KY Wildside Gardens (Tim Bleichroth)
OH Welcome to HemHeaven (Sally Marcum)
DE Willow Rock Gardens (Heather Lynn Hotaling-Giglio)
IA Wilson Gardens (Bob Wilson)updated12/26/15
OK Windswept Farm & Gardens (Terry & son Ashton Lopp)updated9/06/15
MO Windy Heights Daylily Garden - Hemgal's Library (Beverly James)
IN Windy Ridge Farm (Bridget & Wayne Brown)
flag Wood-Eden Daylilies & Cannas (Lyn & Tom Benbow)
VA Woodhenge Gardens (Jim Murphy & Margo Reed)updated12/07/15
KY Woodlake Daylilies (Lori & Daniel Smith)
flag Wood's Daylily Gardens, AU (Judith & Albert Wood)
AR Wooster Garden
Jim's Daylily Blessings Blog
(Jim & Kathy Elliott)
WI Work In Progress Gardensnew12/31/15 (Francis & Genni Kleckner)
TN Wrights Daylily Garden (Tom & Bonnie Wright)
flag www.taglilie.eu, Germany (Anja Pfau)
flag www.meine-taglilien.de, Germany (Helga Mischer)
FL Wynn's Daylily Garden (Gene & Mary Wynn)
South Africa Zambesi Daylily Gdns, S.Africa (Chris, Elna & Jacques Viviers)
PA Zolock Gardens (Steve & Sarah Zolock)

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