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Mary Kay Denman
Huntington Station, New York
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"Welcome to Mary Kay Denman's Garden"

spacer My garden is a sacred passion for me. I began creating and designing it thirty years ago. Around 1991, I discovered Beth Chatto's remarkable book, The Green Tapestry, where she advocates that each plant be given its specific cultural requirements in order to thrive. For example, clematis requires sun, shaded roots, manure, good drainage, and sweet soil (lime). Each plant in my garden, since then, has gone into the ground with its proper soil amendments, light requirement, and other needs. My study of plants to accomplish this goal, led me to be hired as a perennial specialist at several local nurseries for over a decade. Now I am retired and, with the splendid assistance of my helper, Carlo Nardelli, over the past seven years, I have re-created most areas in the garden for lower maintenance in respect to my aging!

spacer The garden sits on a half acre property beneath a leafy canopy of oaks, dogwoods, and white pines. Half of the property surrounding the house is fenced in and planted intensively with unusual dwarf shrubs, false cypresses, grasses and perennials. Around the front of the property, outside the fenced area, are many cultivars of viburnum, cryptomeria japonica and hydrangea, in particular.

spacer In the inner sanctuary, paths wind through the plantings and around the two woodland ponds in this 'all seasons' garden. Since it is also a registered wildlife habitat, many plants cater to birds, butterflies, bees and rabbits. In addition, I must admit that I am an avid plant collector and the collections include many forms of hostas, daylilies, sempervivums, hardy geraniums, hellebores, epimediums, heuchera, grasses, ferns, hydrangeas (serratas and macrophyllas), metal insects and a few antique gnomes!

 Jan and Andy Wyers

spacerI am delighted to share some views of my garden with you. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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