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Milan & Dana Zubrikova
Žiar nad Hronom, Slovakia
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"Welcome to our Daylily & Hosta Hobby Garden"

spacerWe live in a small town Žiar nad Hronom, in central Slovakia. This place is about 200 km North West from Bratislava, capitol of Slovakia. Our country is a member of European Union situated in the central part of Europe, bordered with Poland in the north, Austria and Hungary in the south, Czech Republic in the West and Ukraine in the east. We have lived here in Žiar nad Hronom for more than 25 years, in a house bought by Milan's parents (his father died in 2010 and mother still lives here with us).

spacerOur passion for hostas and daylilies started about 15-20 years ago. Since that time we have started to grow different ornamental plants in our small garden, surrounding our house. About 400 m² is really not too much, but for us it was more than enough... We started to collect different plants, such as geraniums, dahlias, gladioli, roses, peonies, Japanese maples as well as a few hostas and daylilies. Hostas and daylilies did very well and we loved them the most.

spacerApproximately the same time Dana lost her job, she decided to produce ornamental plants for a local market with the goal of making a regular income - of course, mainly hostas and daylilies. Soon Dana offered hostas and daylilies to local garden sellers and also visited a weekly local agro-market in the surrounding cities. Income was very low and we recognized very quickly that this was not a good selling strategy. It was clear that Dana would have to try to sell plants through the internet. But selling plants through the internet would require having more cultivars...

 Milan and Dana Zubrikova

spacerWe contacted several hosta and daylily growers and purchased many hostas and also added quite lot of daylilies to our collection. Our garden was too small for keeping and planting large hostas and daylily collections in the soil, so we soon purchased additional ground and established a commercial production of plants in pots.

spacerAlthough our hosta (now about 800 cultivars) and Hemerocallis (now about 200 cultivars) production exhausts most of our time, we still love very much working in our small garden. Dana plants plenty of annuals in the garden every year, for example, Million Bells, petunias, verbenas and a lot of pelargoniums. Dana loves her Coleus so much; here in Slovakia known under the name "African nettle"... Our small pond was built about 5 years ago and has brought a piece of quiet "water" atmosphere into the garden.

spacerOur garden is a place we love so much and where we find peace and relaxation. Sorry, our garden is not open to the public except one weekend in May, when we organize our Open Hosta Days.

Please visit our webpage:   Euro Hosta
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