Garden Of The Week 2017-2018 Series 12
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Gail Gee
Fulton, Maryland
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"My garden is a three acre labor of love."

spacerWhen we moved to the property almost 30 years ago, my goal was to have a garden. However, I had no gardening experience and no plan as to how to turn the former farm field into a garden. It has taken many mistakes, a lot of learning, hard work and the encouragement of family and gardening friends to create that garden.

spacerThe ever evolving garden includes several axises to divide the space into gardening rooms. One cross axis connects a large cool-border where plants of blue, pink and pale yellow are arranged with a hot-border of red, orange and bright yellow plants. Another cross axis at the end of the garden connects a secret garden with a woodland garden by way of a pergola that includes one of our favorite seating areas. The central axis aligns the view from the the kitchen window with a wall fountain in the pergola. This center axis is framed by an ellipse of boxwood and an allee of Natchez Crape Myrtles.

spacerOne of my gardening goals is to have four seasons of interest. In the spring, the plantings are dominated by hundreds of varieties of peonies, iris, baptisias and clematis. The summer brings several hundred cultivars of daylilies interspersed with sedum, coneflowers, and grasses. The trees including Cornus controversa 'Variegata', Weeping Katsura, and Gingerbread Maple chosen specifically for fall and or winter interest.

 Gail Gee

spacerThe passing of time has made changes to the garden and the gardener. Views that were once, open from one end of the garden to the other are no longer, areas that were once full sun are now shady and chairs and benches that were once strictly focal points are now well worn.

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