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Shannon Howes
Paris, Ontario
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"Welcome to my Garden"

spacerNestled on the bank of Canada's "prettiest little town" is an eccentric garden with an even more eccentric gardener.

spacerA blank canvas was purchased in 2007 with nothing but an old burnt out fire pit and rows of black walnut trees. The property runs along the Grand River so the backbones could not be beat. The challenge and delight started immediately upon moving in. Before there was furniture or indoor walls the garden was started. The reason for the move was that like most gardeners with an ever growing habit, no lets call it what it is, an addiction to flowers, I ran out of space.

spacerNothing is more exciting to me than a blank canvas. Being an artist by trade and garden enthusiast by heredity, an immediate plan was set into action. Hard landscaping, a deck and paths must immediately be placed. As well as several benches to line the property, which one day I swear I will eventually sit on. The shade areas needed Astilibe, Hosta, Heuchera, Ferns, Fleeceflowers and all the wonderful Ontario natives one could find.

spacerThe sun areas started with the moving of the preexisting garden with various perennials and a modest 34 daylilies to their new home. That is when the daylily bug really hit. Fast forward to now the numbers are in the thousands with my own interest in backyard hybridizing and plant and seed purchases ever adding to the total. Space is again an issue. Not sure how that happened!

 Shannon Howes


spacerMost days you can find me in the garden, weeding, crossing, taking pictures or my favorite past time moving a plant for the third, fourth, seventeenth time so it looks "just right". I am mother of two small children. They have also caught the daylily fever and have started both their own gardens and are dabbling in crossing. They have special interest in gardens for butterflies and critters. My parents are both gardening enthusiasts as well so it is a family affair, and apparently highly contagious.

spacer I am a classic backyard gardener. My niche is helping beginners by teaching them how to cross, start seeds and grow plants. Helping the veterans of the trade by being an enabler getting them to spend money by sharing the latest pictures and cultivars from around the world. For the newest and oldest gardeners the best advice I have is to get out there, plant and push the zone boundaries and limits of your garden. You will be very surprised and pleased with the results!

spacerBeing a member and newest director of the Ontario Daylily Society, you can find me at most meetings. Come out and join us! You can reach me via email for more information. As always keep Daylily Dreaming,

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