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Michel Goulet & Louise Ouimet
Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec
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"Welcome to Hémérocalles Rivière-du-Loup"

spacerPassion for flowers, fruit trees and gardens, is the legacy passed on to the children of Jeannette and Paul Goulet. My adventure begin in the 1980s with the acquisition of trees and shrubs, perennials and a few hundred roses of all kinds, with the annual losses and acquisitions until the early 2000s.

spacer It was at this time that my brothers Claude and Serge and I decided to buy and start seriously hybridizing daylilies as a pastime. The presentation of beautiful flowers in annual competitions allowed us to win first place prizes and special mentions.

spacerThe garden includes conifers, fruit trees, perennials, roses, over 200 cultivars and over 500 daylily hybrids. Nothing is more rewarding to an owner than receiving visitors to the garden and sharing conversations.

spacerI am a member of AHS - American Hemerocallis Society, SQHH - Société Québecoise Des Hostas et des Hémérocalles, and AAHQ - Association des Amateurs d'Hémérocalles du Québec.

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