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Bob Selman & Eric Simpson
Alexander, North Carolina
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"Welcome to Blue Ridge Daylilies"

spacerBlue Ridge Daylilies is owned by Robert Selman and Eric Simpson and is located in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina at an elevation of 2,300 feet in a mountain valley with several streams surrounded by wooded hills, just 15 minutes north of Asheville. The garden includes two acres of daylilies with more than 1500 registered daylily cultivars and thousands of daylily seedlings, surrounded by extensive display beds and borders filled with conifers, ornamental shrubs and grasses, rhododendrons, daffodils and hardy perennials. Bob's use of color and texture in the landscape over the years along with the well-grown daylilies and Eric's collection of whimsical garden art continue to delight over 300 garden visitors each bloom season. Blue Ridge Daylilies was one of the major tour gardens for the 2014 AHS National Convention in Asheville.

spacerRobert has been hybridizing daylilies for 25 years and is the current president of the Western North Carolina Daylily Club. His Alien DNA won the 2017 AHS R. W. Munson Specialty Award for most distinctly patterned daylily. Robert has been awarded several AHS Honorable Mentions and 2 Junior Citation awards. His 'alien' series has been a big success and is popular with hybridizers and collectors.

spacerEric moved his daylily program from Indiana to Blue Ridge Daylilies in the summer of 2015. He has been hybridizing daylilies for 16 years and is currently serving as AHS Region 15 RPD. Eric spent many years as an active member of AHS Region 2 before moving to NC. His hybridizing focus has been to create color combinations in daylilies that we don't often see. He has also been working on tetraploid patterned daylilies that consistently show patterns. His seedling 12017-2 has been a major contributor to this goal, passing on many patterned offspring. Eric's first AHS hybridizing achievement was his 2016 Junior Citation Award winner, The Carpenter's Heart.

spacerSince Robert and Eric have combined their hybridizing efforts, the garden has expanded and continues to grow each year. Both Robert and Eric have been guest speakers at many daylily clubs and regional meetings around the country. 

spacerThe garden is open daily from 10am-5pm – rain or shine. Visitors are always welcome during peak bloom from the last week in June until the middle of July. 

 Bob Selman
Eric Simpson

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