Garden Of The Week 2016-2017 Series 11
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Curt Hanson
Gates Mills, Ohio
 flag USA

"Welcome to Crintonic Gardens"

spacerA personal signature in space and time, Crintonic Gardens is located above the lovely chagrin valley in northeast Ohio. Integrating an eclectic collection of north temperate plants, the ten acre arboretum features many unique hybrids in several genera. Oaks, Magnolias and mixed conifers shade a verdant understory comprised of drifts of spring ephemerals, Arums, Carex, Epimedium, Hellebores and Trillium run riot.

spacerTwo ponds accentuated by rock terraces provide both tranquility and irrigation. A one acre of intensive daylily field is the focus of summer, and for over 35 years has been a major obsession. Singularly dedicated to creating beautiful and distinctive cultivars rigorously selected for consistency and vigor under TYPICAL zone 5 conditions.

spacerMy Mahoning clay soil is not poisoned by chemical fertilizers or pesticides, as I believe the daylily is America's favorite perennial because it gives so much and demands so little. While digital images and poetic descriptions can offer approximations of beauty, nothing compares to a first hand visit.

spacerDAYLILY SEASON IS A CELEBRATION and I welcome you to share the magic. Come sit on the stone wall and enjoy the ambiance, music and tranquility, jump in the pond for a swim. Happy hour begins at 6pm. Cheers, Curt.

Curt Hanson's daylilies

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