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James & Judy Bazzone
Easley, South Carolina
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"Welcome to Three Oaks Garden"

spacerHello everyone! Judy and I have been gardening for over fifty years and feel it is one of the most enjoyable parts of our lives. Three Oaks Garden is our most successful and enjoyable garden yet. But, before I get into that, let me give you some background. Judy started as a young girl growing zinnias and tomatoes in her back yard and I was enthralled as a boy at the 4 O'clocks my friend's grandmother grew in a wooden box at her city house. I didn't develop much gardening experience until I met Judy at a dance. We dated and eventually she took me to her garden and showed me what was growing there. We married 5 years later. Over the years we moved for various reasons and besides enjoying visiting gardens of all sorts we developed gardens at our homes in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York and South Carolina. We both became Master Gardeners during that time so that we could garden to the best of our ability. The gardens became more thoughtfully designed and developed at a faster pace.

spacerOverall we developed six complete gardens in four states in ten years. A true work of love. So, here we are in South Carolina and enjoying our garden everyday. We are here to stay. In the morning we sit, drinking coffee, in our sun room or screened porch both of which face our garden in the backyard.

spacerWe are plant collectors of a sort and Three Oaks Garden is, what we think, our best collection. We have 320 Hybrid Daylilies, 7 Viburnum, 12 Japanese Maples, 8 Dogwoods, 5 Oak trees (including our 3 massive White Oaks), 7 Hydrangeas, 34 Hostas, 40 Tall bearded Iris, 16 Japanese Iris, 7 Cryptomeria, 8 grasses and hundreds of other plants and trees including Japanese Snowbells, Cypress, trees, Weeping Bald Cypress, Dwarf Japanese Elm, Lilacs, Roses, Winter Hazel, abelia, acuba, deutzia, ninebark, lilacs, redbuds,.....oh well, you get the picture ….we are hopeless.

 Jim and Judy Bazzone

spacerWe are an AHS Daylily Display Garden and have been on tour during the Region 15 Summer Convention that The Upstate Daylily Society held in 2008. A lot of work and a lot of fun and fond memories.

spacerUntil recently we were volunteer workers in the South Carolina Botanical Garden; a part of being a member of the Foothills Master Gardeners. We are also members of the Powdersville Garden club.

spacerWe hope that you have enjoyed seeing some of our garden and that you all enjoy your gardening endeavors as much as we do ours. Thank you.

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