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Frank & Helene Ferrari
Chester, Connecticut
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"Welcome to Sheltara"

spacerSheltara is the home of Frank and Helene Ferrari. It is also the home for shelties, wildlife, flowers, and nature in abundance.

spacerMany years ago, in the front of the property, Frank dug a pond with an island connected to the main land via a Japanese bridge. He also built stone walls along parts of the pond as well as the brook flowing into the pond.

spacerDaylily gardens, together with trees, shrubs, and mixed perennials, border the pond and brook. Helene has introduced six daylilies, one of which, Sheltara Lady Cheri, is pictured below. In addition, Helene has hybridized and developed a few thousand daylilies, with some seedlings shown below.

spacerRhododendrons, azaleas, and spring bulbs, including myriad daffodils, are scattered about on the eleven acres. In summer, there are many potted annual arrangements.

 Frank and Helene Ferrari

spacer In front of the house there is a meditation garden, nestled under a large oak, that overlooks the brook. It is a special place for thought and peace.

spacerBehind the house there is another daylily garden, as well as a fairy garden for children of all ages. There are also many garden statues and whimsical adventures to enjoy.

spacerIn July, the gardens are open to the public for viewing. Many garden clubs, including the Connecticut Daylily Society, have visited and have enjoyed the serenity and quiet of the gardens and surrounding nature.

spacerGardens of all kinds give happiness to the world. Take time to view nature and enjoy its beauty.

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