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"Welcome to Lynn's Garden"

spacerGardening is not just my hobby, it's also my avocation. My love of flowers dates back to grade school. When friends were collecting stickers, I was collecting flowers from the Sears Catalog. From the home furnishing pages, I would cut out vases of flowers on coffee tables and dining set centerpieces. It was fun and it was free! And, it set me up for a lifelong love of everything flowers.

spacerAs a young wife and busy mother of two, I maintained mostly container gardens. It's amazing how many plants you can tuck in 24" pots…instant gardens! It was my calm therapy after a hectic day and I remember wishing and praying for that perfect large yard….someday.

spacerMoving to the Garden State 20 years ago was that blessing. One whole full acre of flat, usable space…heaven! At last count, there are a dozen trees, at least 2 dozen flowering shrubs, and countless varieties of perennials. Trial and error is my style, and I err on the side of quantity…I want to grow one of EVERYTHING. Of course, this means I've long outgrown this tiny postage stamp yard…HA!

 Lynn Hopkins

spacerAs the garden hibernates through a Zone 6 winter, my green therapy includes forcing indoor bulbs and marking endless pages of seed/plant catalogs as I patiently anticipate the explosion of spring blooms. Peonies, irises, alliums, clematis, hellebores, hyacinths, tulips and hundreds of daffodils. The show continues with flowering cherry trees, dogwoods, crabapples, forsythias, lilacs, and a prized star magnolia. Asiatic and Oriental lilies strut their stuff, along with delphiniums, bee-balms, roses, coneflowers in mid-summer. Amazingly, it wasn't until 2005, that daylilies got into my blood. My jaw dropped when I first saw a clump of 'Scarlet Orbit' in full bloom and that took my love of flowers to a whole new level!

spacerToday, my daylily collection is around 300…and counting. There are some that just make me weak in the knees with their beauty. I bet you all can relate.

spacerAfter attending my first AHS National Convention in Atlanta (2015), and touring the many beautiful gardens, I was inspired to apply for display approval and was thrilled to host my very first public tour this past July. What a fun experience to share my passion and, hopefully, gain new daylily enthusiasts.

spacerFriends often comment how wonderful it must be to just sit and enjoy my garden…which makes me laugh out loud. Then quietly I make a promise that I will do just that…next Year.

spacerThank you ALL for visiting. I hope you enjoyed the tour. The garden is calling so I must go!

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