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John and Muriel Stahl
Baldwin, New York
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"Welcome to Brookside Gardens"

spacerMuriel and I moved back to this place, her family home, in 1974 after her mother had passed away. Her parents had built it in 1927, and it looks very different today than it did in 1974. Then the back garden area was mostly deciduous trees and a lot of pachysandra. The brook, of course, has always bordered us on the eastern flank. Over the years we transformed it into the daylily gardens of today by removing many trees and ground covers. We both retired from elementary school teaching in the early 90's and we can devote quite a bit of time to our hobbies. Our cats Agnes and Margo also play a large part in our lives. We are fairly active bird watchers and over the years planted companion plants and shrubs to create a National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Habitat. Each year, from fall to spring a large number of Mallards occupy our brook and often waddle into our garden.

spacer We have been involved with daylilies for about 25 years. After going to a LIDS plant sale we got the daylily fever and have never looked back. Of course, with our limited space, we have far too many daylilies. On 1/4 acre, with a house occupying a good part of the space, growing over 550 cultivars is a challenge. We specialize in spiders and unusual forms, with a fair number of doubles. I think we have the largest private collection of Mahieu plants, numbering 90 at present. We also have most of Clover's introductions and we feel fortunate in that respect. In addition I have included many tall and very tall daylilies in our collections.

 John and Muriel Stahl

spacerWe have been active in LIDS, participating in flower shows, auctions and sales. I took on the office of newsletter editor for a number of years, and that was challenging and fun. George and Joan Rasmussen have encouraged me and certainly have been very helpful to Muriel and me over the years.

spacerAs a hybridizer of daylilies I can best be described as a hobbyist. I was serious enough to go through all the motions, recording crosses and keeping track of seedling progress. Unfortunately we don't have the space required to line out many plants, so my pollen dabbing has pretty much come to an end. I have eleven registered plants, and I've just lined out seedlings from my last cross which I'll keep an eye on. Some of my intros are growing in private gardens in Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Massachusetts and New York.

spacerPhotography has been a hobby for many decades. My interests are varied and include nature, birds, flowers and macro photography. My particular interest in close-up photography is insects, particularly very tiny bees and flies. In The Illustrated Guide to Daylilies in Chapter 18 you can find a dozen of my insect photos. I've written numerous articles, with photos, for the AHS Journal, including a series of how-to articles about digital photography. I'm proud that a number of my photos have won AHS awards over the years, including the Mildred Schlumpf Award for individual bloom in 2012, 2016 and 2017.

spacer We were an open garden for the 2006 AHS National Convention, with over 500 visitors. Our garden has been an AHS Display Garden for many years and is open to visitors.

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