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Chris and Paula Dyason
Histon, Cambridgeshire,
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"Welcome to Strictly Daylilies"

spacerStrictly Daylilies is owned and run by Paula and Chris Dyason in the village of Histon, just north of Cambridge in the UK.

spacerPaula is American; born in California, but after her parents moved east she grew up in South Carolina, literally surrounded by daylilies. Her mother was an enthusiastic collector with over 200 varieties at their 30-acre homestead, buying new releases every year and passing on her passion to her daughter.

spacerWhen Paula married Chris, a Brit, in 2008, she moved to England where she wanted to cultivate a typical English country garden but to populate it with daylilies and she set about it without delay.

spacerThe garden collection rapidly expanded with daylily plants coming from the US and Europe and it wasn't long before the opportunity to turn a hobby into a business became obvious. In 2012 Strictly Daylilies Ltd was born and early the next year the website went live.

spacerSince then Paula has roped in Chris to help in the daylily business and the number of plants in stock has risen to over 20,000 with over 1,500 varieties. The nursery now has 5 acres of land and the business has become one of the largest growers of daylilies in the UK. Meanwhile Paula has taken up (Chris would say become obsessed with) hybridizing and for the last few years she has been producing 5,000 seedlings each year. To help with her hybridizing work Paula has qualified as an American Hemerocallis Society Garden Judge, the only one outside North America and is a regular attendee at AHS Conventions.

 Paula Dyason

spacerThe typical English country garden that Paula created is now an accredited AHS Display Garden, the only one in the UK and one of only four in 'the rest of the World'. She has also just completed an official AHS Historic Display Garden and has a British National Collection of modern daylilies. Paula is a go-getter who doesn't know the term "that'll do" and she's on the way to achieving her mission of convincing the British that every garden must have daylilies. Paula's garden is open in mid-July each year or at other times by appointment. Strictly Daylilies will also be exhibiting at The Hampton Court Flower Show in London the first week of July.

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