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Peter & Katrin Frohreich
Schwege, Germany
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"Welcome to our Daylily & Hosta Hobbygarten"

spacerTwenty years ago our passion for daylilies immediately began when a friend took us to a collector's garden with modern and brand new daylilies. We became totally enthusiastic as we knew only older varieties at the local nursery. We bought our first new cultivar and that began our continued enthusiasm for daylilies.

spacerWe live in a little village in Lower Saxonia since 2009. We cultivate and cross our daylilies on our small property of 880 square meters. We designed our garden so that we have flowers from early spring till fall. Of course daylilies have our priority. Here the peak of blossoms of daylilies is in July.

spacerWe started to cross daylilies eighteen years ago. Only for curiosity reasons we pollinated some flowers. The result did not really come up to our expectations. With more experience they became satisfactory. Meanwhile we have about 1000 seedlings annually. It is extremely exciting to go out into the garden early in the morning to see the new seedlings in bloom. Our goal in crossing is good branching, clear colors and perfect opening of flowers after cold nights. Here many of our selected seedlings wait to be judged. In 2011 a further big step followed, our first cultivars were registered.

 Peter and Katrin Frohreich

spacerWe are members of the German Daylily Group. For some years we participate in the campaign of "Offene Gartenpforte" (open garden). This way our garden can be visisted and we share our passion for plants with other people.

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