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Brian & Diane Jones
Greenbank, Ontario
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"Welcome to Pearl Gardens"

spacerBrian and Diane Jones moved to Greenbank, Ontario twenty-one years ago with only two gardens of impatiens, petunias and purple iris. Now there are over twenty-five gardens containing 600 registered daylilies, 155 different hostas, 50 heucheras and over 100 different varieties of perennials and three mini goldfish ponds on their one acre lot.

spacerDaughters, Emily collects and propagates succulents (Instagram: littleplantbuddies) and Lauren collects clematis. The daughters now have their own gardens and collection of plants. Brian, Diane, Emily and Lauren all hybridize daylilies and they have moved over 600 daylily seedlings to Brian's parents' property. They have run out of space in Pearl Gardens. They have not yet registered any of their own daylilies with the Hemerocallis Society, but hope to in the near future. All seedlings are currently under evaluation. They are merely dabbling in hybridizing. They have three separate evaluation gardens that the daylilies rotate through each year. In year one Brian and Diane plant only between 150-250 seedlings from their selected crosses. Year two they begin to eliminate seedlings that do not meet their criteria. Then in year three only 10-15 plants are selected and moved to a holding bed for further evaluation and lined out for future garden plants.

spacerThe entire family are members of the Ontario Daylily Society and the American Hemerocallis Society.

 Brian and Diane Jones

spacer Brian is a Leadership Education Officer at the Ministry of Education for Ontario and Diane is an ICU nurse in Scarborough. Both find gardening stress free and relaxing from the regular pace of their careers. Emily is an elementary school teacher and Lauren is a university student in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

spacerThe household family joke is Brian is allowed to add a new garden each year until the age of 60, then he has to grass over one garden per year. As a result he has a few more years of turning the sod into more gardens.

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