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Drs Craig & Diana Plahn
Kirkwood, Missouri
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"Welcome to Catspaw Garden"

spacerWe bought a wooded lot that was an acre and a half in the city of Kirkwood, Missouri, and moved into our newly built house in the spring of 1990.

spacerWe both were planning on gardening in St. Louis. We tried it at our first home and with the Ozark soil conditions of heavy clay and rock, decided to give up outside gardening. We had been growing orchids under lights since 1981 and decided to stick with them. A small greenhouse was constructed to house and grow the orchid collection. Due to the sloping nature of the land and the constant erosion from the weather, several terrace walls were built and the garden started to develop. Today this is truly a fine example of a terraced garden carved from our hillside property along Sugar Creek. Our garden has become a collector's garden over the years. We have over 750 hosta cultivars incorporated into the mixed flower beds that cover the 1/2 acre under cultivation. The garden consists of many winding paths and plains throughout the treed lot.

spacerWe hybridize daylilies and have some 700 registered cultivars along with 42 of our own registered hybrids and 1500 plus hybrids in the seedling beds. There are also hundreds of flowering bulbs including Asiatic, Martagon, and Oriental lilies. The garden also has a couple of hundred rare and unusual conifers along with Japanese maples. The beds are artfully arranged to allow for companion plants such as pulmonaria, epimediums, hellebores, trilliums, along with whatever will fit.

 Craig and Diana Plahn


spacerThe garden is always changing. We remove several dozen daylilies every year for various club auctions. Several large trees have been removed over the years to allow for more sun in the garden. And then things just die. This allows us to acquire something new and special to plant in its place. The garden is always a work in progress.

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