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Richard & Rikki Sterrett
Craddocksville, Virginia
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"Welcome to Sterrett Gardens"

spacerAfter meeting in graduate school, Rich and Rikki Sterrett have spent the last 42 years gardening. The current gardens were started in 1983, when our two sons were small and the Tonka© trucks "helped" move soil and shape beds.

spacer With the encouragement of a friend who was a graphic artist, we first opened the gardens in 1987 with two hand-painted signs, an ad in the classified section of the local paper and a two-page price list. Now, the next generation comes to "help" MomMom and PopPop.

spacerThe American Daylily Society display gardens consist of more than an acre of island beds and foundation plantings of perennials and daylilies where newly acquired cultivars are evaluated for winter hardiness, trueness to name, vigor, and visual appeal.

spacerBoth Rich and Rikki are ADS Garden Judges and critically evaluate new arrivals before daylilies are moved to the growing area where orders are filled and garden visitors can view daylilies in bloom when the gardens are open.The growing area is nearly an acre, consisting of 19 rows over 200 ft long.

 Richard and Rikki Sterrett

spacerIn their sandy loam soil on Virginia's Eastern Shore, daylilies thrive. The family first joined DelVal Daylily Society in the 1980's, then the Richmond Area Daylily Society, the Old Dominion Daylily Society and, finally in 1992, they helped form the Tidewater Daylily Society. Each has served as president and assumed other responsibilities such as chair of the flower show or "plants for gardens" chair. Rikki is editor of the Region 3 Newsletter, Fanfare. Their two sons attended many National and Regional meetings as youth members. TDS continues to grow and is fortunate as new members are willing to take on leadership tasks from older members. In 2017, the club hosted the National Convention and the Sterrett Garden was one of the gardens on tour.

spacerSterrettGardens are open on Fridays and Saturdays from mid-June to mid-July or by appointment. Check out their website for specific open garden days, directions and more.

Webpage:   Sterrett Gardens
Email: Rich & Rikki Sterrett at

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