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Mark & Patty Franklin
Alpharetta, Georgia
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"Welcome to MP Flower Gardens"

spacerMP Flower Gardens are the gardens of Mark and Patty Franklin. Two retired educators who've been "playing in the dirt" together for over 30 years. Gardening was always a relaxing and therapeutic activity after a long day of teaching, coaching and meetings - - much cheaper than therapy or medications! Flower shows provide the continued challenge of "competition" without all the long hours of practices, games and sweaty uniforms.

spacerMark and Patty have been collecting iris since 1984 and can't seem to stop! Patty says it's her Dad's fault because he bought her first iris for her in 1981 and she soon realized how easy irises are to grow. From those first few irises in 1981 at a small starter home to their current four-acre home in the "country", their hobby has turned into a retirement obsession.

spacerAround 1990, they decided they needed to extend the bloom season in their yard after the iris were finished, so they began collecting daylilies. An AWESOME DECISION!!! Now they have two of their favorite flowers blooming in the garden from April through October. You can visit our website to see more photos of the garden and individual cultivars.

spacerThe garden is currently a collection of iris, 800+ varieties of daylilies, along with peonies, camellias, crinum lilies, assorted roses, magnolias and many other companion plants. The Daylily collection includes 30+ different "Mini" cultivars, along with Small, Large, Extra Large, Doubles, Unusual Forms, Spiders, many new introductions and some older, time proven cultivars. There are no "favorites" – just whatever is blooming that particular day! Birdhouses, birdbaths, statuary, water fountains, garden art and benches are all part of "The Garden" and round out the view.

spacerWe look forward to sharing our garden with others and welcome you to come enjoy our piece of "country living".

 Mark and Patty Franklin

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