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Jan & Andy Wyers
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"Welcome to A La Carte Daylilies"

spacerPlants have always intrigued me and as young child I asked my father the names of the plants. He explained the basics of nomenclature and why the Latin names are so important. In my first few weeks at school a teacher had asked us to tell her the name of a plant, so I put my hand up and said "Scabiosa caucasica". She didn't ask me any questions for a very long time after that! My Dad had taught me well.

spacerOur collection of Hemerocallis started around 1983 after seeing H. 'Joan Senior' in a friends' beautiful garden on the Isle of Wight. American daylily nursery catalogues came through the post and plants were purchased.

spacerI loved the idea that each flower lasted for a day and as they grew into larger clumps there were more flowers each year. I was so lucky that Andy was interested in the daylilies and it was very special that it was shared.

spacerI planted shrubs which act as a wind break and under the trees are many bulbs, especially Galanthus. The views from here are fabulous all year round. I was also lucky to work at Ventnor Botanic Garden and now I volunteer as a propagator which I also enjoy and some of our daylilies are planted in their beautiful gardens.

 Jan and Andy Wyers

spacerWe joined the British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society about 25 years ago and became Hemerocallis Librarians. On a visit to Switzerland to meet Marc King and his family along with Diana Grenfell, we travelled to Germany to meet other European plant people. We also had a very special time when the BHHS and Hemerocallis Europa visited the Isle of Wright. We went to Ventnor Botanic Garden and our garden to see the daylilies and then traveled to Diana Grenfell and Roger Grounds garden. It was so special to meet so many wonderful people.

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