photo eleven


Left: It took us ages to dig out a space for water as there were large boulders under this border. The pond is hidden in this photo but it does have newts and frogs at various times. It also has some Louisiana Iris in the murky water. The rope that is at the top of this photo was dragged up from the beach and has become obscured in other parts of the garden by climbers. Lonicera (honeysuckle) have made the posts disappear. The view across the Island is visible, sometimes it is possible to see the mainland. Right: Masses of Liliums are planted in this border just outside the cottage. It is mainly full of bulbs and there are flowers from early spring to late autumn. There are a few Hemerocallis in this border but the idea was to use this area for massed bulbs so the daylilies will finally find a new home soon.

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