photo nine


Top Left: "Cajun Sunshine" X "Raspberry Beret" Seed acquired from Gregory Rockwell via the AHS seed donation program. Middle: "Chico Tim" X "Dominic Brock-Cain" first year flowering and already looks like a stunning plant. Seed from Gregory Rockwell. Right: "Ole Stripey" (provisional name) a seedling of unknown parentage which is currently being evaluated. So far it has proven reliably stripey.
Bottom Left: "Overdrive" X "Frank's Adorable Candy" a seedling from Gregory Rockwell of Indiana. Middle: "Fabulous Black Pearl" X "Jelly Maker" another seedling from Gregory Rockwell. Right: "Forest Lake Ragamuffin" X "Worthy of Distinction" a Gregory Rockwell cross. Raising daylilies from seed in the UK is a job for the patient gardener as they can take 3 to 4 years to flower, although luckily there are some which flower sooner.

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