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David Retallick
Millbrook, Ontario
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"Welcome to David's Garden"

spacer Hello all from near Millbrook, which is 75 miles N.E. of Toronto, just 15 minutes north of Lake Ontario. My name is David Retallick and I live a breathe gardening. For the past 30 years I have been reading, experimenting and applying my knowledge to grow and maintain my perennial gardens. I had a great mentor in my Grandmother, who showed me how to grow food in clay soil. She started me on a journey to provide food for my family and appreciate what Mother Nature provides. We have always had to grow food to survive on the farm, I still do, no big fat pension to fall back on. This past summer we were in drought conditions, so the snow on the ground this winter is wonderful to see.

spacerClay soil provides me a challenge but with added mushroom manure and homemade compost it has provided me the luxury of growing gorgeous daylilies, lilies, hostas, iris, phlox, coneflower, grasses, trees and shrubs. Winters are usually snow covered, minus 30C at times. Summers are wonderful when we get enough rain.

spacerDaylilies came into my life some 20 years ago, just by chance looking through a catalogue on a wintery night. Yes I started with a few plain old style varieties. They grew very well so I ordered more, got on the internet and looked up growers in Ontario and discovered daylilies shipped very well from all across Canada. Then I found out about the Ontario Daylily Society. WOW an organization and all about daylilies - now that was exciting! I was hooked from the very first CAN AM. I joined ODS as well as AHS, had visions of starting my own breeding program, and registered my first daylily in 2005.

 David Retallick

spacer Over the years I have listened to and added bits and pieces of knowledge from growers and speakers from all across North America. I have been developing and changing my direction, as the flowers indicate which way is best. I have 23 registrations now and plant about 1,000 seeds a year, making for a busy hobby. My daylily names, all have a story behind them. I very much enjoy names in memory of a passed on family member; just walk by when they bloom and see if you don't think of that person, a smile might even come to your lips. My direction is to breed hardy tets and a few dips. Doubles and Patterned Eyes; at my age the ultimate flower may not be attained, but it will be a lot of fun working towards that.

spacerI still run a small one man garden maintenance company. Now in my retirement years I also love growing 65 true lilies of all types; fragrance is something I adore, and it's like getting a kiss and a hug. I grow Iris for roadside cart trade in the spring, with lilies and daylilies for summer, then gladiolus in the fall. I cherish my coneflowers, especially doubles, and all colours of phlox, bearded iris and hosta, where I can find shade. Grasses are mixed in with my 200 named varieties of daylilies. I find dormant and semis grow well here in my zone 5b garden.

spacer In closing, have a look and see my part of the gardening world. If more people took up gardening it would be a lot better for them and the environment as well. Enjoy the pictures and yes I made the pony and cart.

My Website: David's Garden
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