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Mary Baker
Omaha, Nebraska
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"Welcome to Mary Baker's Garden"

spacerMary Baker's Garden is a state-licensed and inspected daylily, allium, and daffodil nursery in Omaha, Nebraska, USDA hardiness zone 5b. Her lot is .2 acres in size. Garden layout and design plus spacious grass paths on a moderate two-directional slope maximize efficient use of available space and provide the illusion of much larger size.

spacerMary Baker's Garden was a 2002 AHS Region One Meeting tour garden, and will be a 2019 AHS Region One Meeting open garden. Mary and the Nebraska Daylily Society invite you to attend the Region One Meeting on July 5-7 in Omaha, where you can visit her garden in person and tour several other beautiful gardens.

spacerMary hybridizes tetraploid daylilies, and you will see several of Mary's selected daylily seedlings in her garden. Her primary goals are full-formed flowers and unusual forms of all sizes with good green throats and clear, clean colors. Mary's late mentor and friend, Oscie Whatley, often said a green throat makes a daylily stand out from a distance, especially if the daylily is red. She is especially interested in red and near-white daylilies, and is working on a promising purple line.

 Mary Baker

spacerMary's garden has very little shade, so she breeds for daylilies with good sun resistance. Most of her daylily registrations are evaluated for hardiness and performance in Champlin, Minnesota and/or Fargo, North Dakota prior to introduction.

spacerHere you will see 325 registered daylily cultivars (almost all are tetraploids). About 200 of them are newer daylilies registered during the past ten years. Mary Baker's Garden features daylilies created by many hybridizers, including several from Daylily World (David Kirchhoff and Mort Morss), Michael Bouman, Bryan Culver, Judy Davisson, Di DeCaire, Karol Emmerich, Dan Hansen, Curt Hanson, Kathy Lamb (registered cultivars plus Kathy's selected tetraploid seedlings), Linda Michaels, Lee Pickles, and Guy Pierce. You will also see Mary's favorite cultivars from retired hybridizers Bob Schwarz and Nan Wilkerson as well as the late Oscie Whatley.

spacerSeveral different varieties of companion plants such as lilies, hardy perennials, and wild flowers grow among and complement the daylilies, alliums, and daffodils. Mary intersperses dill and varieties of milkweed throughout her garden for monarch, swallowtail, and other butterflies to enjoy.

spacer Mary served as Region One Vice President (RVP) from 2000 to 2004. Her most significant achievement as RVP was collaborating with daylily club leaders in Manitoba and North Dakota and North Dakota State University's Bryce Farnsworth and Barb Laschkewisch to save NDSU's historic and modern daylily collection, iris collection, AAS and other display gardens from demolition (the area was to become a parking lot). The team's meetings in Fargo with then-NDSU President Chapman were successful! NDSU relocated all the gardens to a brand-new alternate campus entrance with much larger space that prominently sets them off like jewels. NDSU's historic daylily collection became the first public AHS Historic Daylily Display Garden. Mary subsequently maintained her relationship with NDSU in her role as Region One's Historic Daylily Garden Liaison.

spacerMary has been a Garden Judge since 2000 and a Garden Judge Instructor since 2004. She received the Region One Service Award in 2006. Mary joined AHS/ADS in 1993 and is a life member. She currently serves as Region One Garden Judges Liaison.

spacerSee Mary Baker's Garden's website at: for complete descriptions of her registered cultivars. Mary is also an author on the AHS Region One Blog at

Email: Mary Baker at

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