Daylilies have always been a passion but I love all flowers and enjoy trying new perennials every season. My garden is zone 4 and very fickle about zone 5 plants which are so available at our local nurseries. They seldom survive and if they do it's not for a long enough time. I get excited to see zone 3-4 plants as know they are likely able to endure the harsh winters we have. Here are just a few of the beauties my camera couldn't resist. I plan on adding more to this album. Violas, primula, perennial geraniums and so many favorites are missing. The bulb lilies do steal the show often, along with my 100s of daylilies, but the small flowers are equally beautiful. Even the small succulents like Delosperma need to be included here. It will be my album of "other" perennials. Daylilies are shown elsewhere on the website. Thanks for taking a look. I always welcome suggestions and would love to hear from you.

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photoone_small.jpg phototwo_small.jpg photothree_small.jpg photofour_small.jpg photofive_small.jpg
photosix_small.jpg photoseven_small.jpg photoeight_small.jpg photonine_small.jpg phototen_small.jpg
photoeleven_small.jpg phototwelve_small.jpg photothirteen_small.jpg photofourteen_small.jpg photofifteen_small.jpg
photosixteen_small.jpg photoseventeen_small.jpg photoeighteen_small.jpg photonineteen_small.jpg phototwenty_small.jpg
phototwentyone_small.jpg phototwentytwo_small.jpg phototwentythree_small.jpg phototwentyfour_small.jpg phototwentyfive_small.jpg
phototwentysix_small.jpg phototwentyseven_small.jpg phototwentyeight_small.jpg phototwentynine_small.jpg photothirty_small.jpg
photothirtyone_small.jpg photothirtytwo_small.jpg photothirtythree_small.jpg photothirtyfour_small.jpg photothirtyfive_small.jpg
...more to come...

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Album April 27, 2018
By: chacha@abacom.com