Spring 2019 - Daylily List (I to P)
Newcomers entered as received and photographed in July/August

Crintonic Shadowlands
(black= my photos of previous summers)  (red=photos 2011)  (navy=photos 2012)  (green=photos 2013)
(violet=photos 2014)  (pink=photos 2015)  (teal=photos 2016)  (brown=photos 2018)
I-Pcamera Ida LouIlana HopeImperial BanditInspiration RoadIntimate SecretsIt FiguresItza Pink TeddyIvory LadyJade PrincessJaipur JewelJane CampbellJanice BrownJayne LoughJerry HyattJeweled TiaraJoan DerifieldJohn Karl SeagerJoy LeflerKelly LeeKenora Heat WaveKenora WildfireKillarney RoadKindly LightLa De DaLady BanditLady BarbaraLady DancerLady GillianLady PharaohLady TalkLake EffectLake Tear Of The CloudsLaughing GiraffeLavender DealLeandra HockridgeLemon KissesLet Me Be ClearLight Of The WorldLinda SpoonerLittle DelightLittle RainbowLord TricksterLove InterestLove In The LibraryLullaby BabyLyla WillattMabouMagic AmethystMahogany BelleMama SaidMarion CampbellMariskaMary RuffinMary's GoldMauna LoaMelanie's SmileMessage Of LoveMichelle ReidMind That BirdMing PorcelainMini PearlMission DelightMrs London's Apricot TartMulanMulberry WalkMulberry WayMy Perfect LadyMystical RainbowNantucket NavigatorNellie McKerlieNick WhiteNight SkyNosferatuOcean RainOdds And EndsOrchid CorsageOur Friend SallyOutrageousPaco PacoPale AlePassion's PromisePastor JohnPathway Of PeacePaula HeisenPeach CandyPeach MagnoliaPediddlePhyllis MitchellPink BraidPink Cotton CandyPinkle-PurrPink PlaymatePink Whip TipsPiranhaPointer SistersPrimal ScreamPurple Kaboom
A-H camera                Q-Z camera
* = tetraploid,   (Db)= double,  (S)= spider,  (SV)= spider variant,
 (Ext)= extended bloom, award= A.H.S. Award and/or Honor Rec'd,  Foliage-Dor/Sev/Evr=Dormant/SemiEvergreen/Evergreen
SSM (Stout Silver Medal) is the highest award presented annually by AHS
  Ida Lou Dor * Reilly 2003 Rose-pink w/infusion of peach. Cream eye, grn thr. 28x5.5
  Ilana Hope Sev * Mason, M. 2007 Bright coral rose-pink w/ruffles & watermark. 28x5
  Imperial Bandit Dor * Culver,B. 2004 White with royal purple eye above green throat. 28x4.5
  Inspiration Road Sev * Culver, B. 2014 Bright clear lavender-mauve blend above a prominent green throat. 28x7.5
  In Taffeta Patterns Sev * Hanson, C. 2008 Violet rose blend with rose watermark above green throat. 36x5
  Intimate Secrets Sev * Hanson,C. 1999 Soft pink above chartreuse throat. 28x6
  It Figures Sev UF Brooks, BB. 2011 Unusual Form, Crispate. Pale Lavender overlaid on extended green throat. 38x7.5
  Itza Pink Teddy Dor * Yost, R. 2003 Ruffled dark pink w/lime heart and yellow edge. 28x5
  Ivory Lady Sev * Culver, B. 2013 Ruffled ivory-cream with a large green throat. 38x6
award Jade Princess Dor * Culver,B. 2002 Recurved pink self w/large green throat. 28x6
  Jaipur Jewel Dor Ext Simpson,D. 1995 Rose self. 22x5
  Jane Campbell Dor * Culver, B. 2009 Ruffled pink self above a green throat. 34x5
Janice Brown Sev   Brown 1986 Pink w/rose eye. 21x4.25
  Jayne Lough Sev * Rice 2001 Beige with violet eye and edge. 24x5.5
  Jerry Hyatt Sev * Hanson,C.2004 Lilac orchid blend w/violet watermark, chartreuse throat. 27x6
  Jeweled Tiara Sev Db Joiner, J. 1999 Powder pink self. 28x6.5
award Joan Derifield Sev * Hanson,C. 2000 Rose violet self, chartreuse throat 35x7
award John Karl Seager Sev * Hanson,C. 1996 Orchid blue w/chartreuse watermark/grn thr 36x6
  Joy Lefler Sev * Culver, B. 2015 Ruffled baby-ribbon pink self, above a green throat. 34x5.5
  Joyous Wonder Dor * Lorrain/Lycett 2009 Rose pink w/yellow band, gold edge, green throat. 37x6
  Just Rockin Sev * Culver, B. 2019 Very ruffled melon colored flower with a gold edge and green throat. 40x5
  Kelly Lee Dor * Culver,B. 2012 Very ruffled gold self above a green throat. 32x5.5
  Kenora Heat Wave Dor * Culver, B. 2014 Sharp red with a darker red halo above a bright green throat. 34x5
  Kenora Wildfire Dor * Culver, B. 2008 Fiery red with lighter watermark and slight cream yellow edge. 34x5
  Killarney Road Sev * Culver, B. 2013 Light baby ribbon pink with a ruffled gold edge above a large green throat. 36x6
award Kindly Light Dor Sp
Bechtold 1949 Yellow/green self. First Harris Olson award winner in 1989. 28x?
  La De Da Dor * Brooks, BB. 2010 Rosy lavender self. Smooth and stately. Light halo. Yellow to green throat. 34x6.5
  Lady Alice Sev * Culver, B. 2019 Mauve-pink colored flower with a bright clear pink eye and edge above a green throat. 36x5
  Lady Barbara Sev * Culver,B. 2015 Ruffled clear bright lilac-pink with a lighter watermark above a very green throat. 34x5.5
award Lady Bandit Dor * Culver,B. 2004 Cream w/pink eye, gold edge. 30x5
award Lady Dancer Dor * Rasmussen 1989 Pink w/plum edge. 28x5.5
  Lady Gillian Sev * Culver, B. 2010 Ruffled cream peach with etched rose-pink eye. 35x5
  Lady Grande Sev * Culver, B. 2019 Large rose-pink with a distinct white watermark above a green throat and a gold edge. 32x7
  Lady Pharaoh Sev * Hanson,C. 1990 Pink bitone. 26x6
  Lady Talk Sev * Culver, B. 2013 Lilac-mauve blend with a large watermark above a bright green throat. 32x6
award Lake Effect Dor * Stamile 1996 Mauve purple w/blue grey eyezone. 23x7.25
  Lake Tear Of The Clouds Dor * Mason, M. 2010 Fuchsia purple w/large pale lavender pink watermark, yellow to green throat. 28x5.5
award Laughing Giraffe Dor * Schwarz B. 1997 Red and gold bicolor. 36x8
  Lavender Deal Dor *
Kirby 1981 Large fragrant lavender self. 24x7
  Leandra Hockridge Sev * Culver, B. 2011 Peach pink w/burgundy purple eye. 34x5.5
  Lemon Kisses Dor * Culver, B. 2018 Ruffled yellow self with a bright green throat. 33x5.5
  Let Me Be Clear Dor   Huben, M. 2009 Icy clear pale pink with faint band. Northern rebloomer. 26x4
award Light Of The World Sev * Emmerich 2002 Soft yellow blend w/rose pink eye and edge. Olive throat. 24x5.75
  Linda Spooner Dor * Culver, B. 2008 Peach pink self, slight gold edge and vivid green throat. 32x5
  Little Delight Dor   Wild 1969 Small pink-salmon w/gold halo. 24x3
award Little Fat Dazzler Sev   Lankart 1979 Red self. 16x3
award Little Rainbow Dor   Reckamp 1963 Melon polychrome miniature. 24x2
  Lord Trickster Sev * Culver,B. 2005 Orange gold w/wine purple eye, green throat. 33x6
  Lovely Addition Sev * Culver,B. 2016 Ruffled bright rose-pink with a large white watermark above a large deep green throat 35x6
  Love Interest Sev * Culver,B. 2006 Ruffled lavender pink, vivid green throat. 28x5.5
  Love In The Library Dor * Mason, M. 2005 Peach pink cream polychrome w/gold edge. 26x6
award Lullaby Baby Sev Ext Spalding 1975 Fragrant pale pink self. 19x3.5
  Lyla Willatt Sev * Culver,B. 2015 Ruffled lavender-pink with a white watermark and a deep green throat. 38x5.5
award Mabou Dor * Mason, M. 2003 Fuchsia w/gold edge. 30x6
award Magic Amethyst Dor * Stamile 1996 Amethyst lavender blend with green throat. Fragrant. 27x5.5
  Mahogany Belle Dor * Culver,B. 2004 Mahogany w/black red eye above yellow to green heart throat. 38x4.5
  Mama Said Sev * Brooks,BB. 2013 Ruffled round lemon yellow with rose tips on both petals and sepals. 28x5.5
  Marion Campbell Sev * Culver,B. 2001 Cream pink self above green throat. 32x5.5
award Mariska Dor *
Moldovan 1984 Large pink blend. 28x6.5
  Mary Ruffin Dor * Mason, M. 2000 Ruffled peach & caramel blend w/sunny yellow thr. 35x4
award Mary's Gold Dor * McDonell 1984 Orange self. 34x6.5
award Mauna Loa Dor * Roberts 1976 Bright amber-orange- gold blend w/red edge. 22x5
  Maureen Strong Sev * Culver, B. 2016 A ruffled bright lavender-mauve with a large green throat. 34x6
  McWicked Sev * Culver, B. 2019 Ruffled mauve flower with an indigo colored eye and edge above a green throat. 38x5
  Melanie's Smile Sev * Culver,B. 2015 Ruffled rose-red with a light white watermark above a large bold green throat. 36x5.5
  Message Of Love Sev * Hanson,C. 2007 Sunset rose blend. 33x6
  Michelle Reid Sev * Lycett 1995 Lavender pearl pink w/grn throat. 23x6
  Mind That Bird Sev *
Culver, B. 2013 Bright lilac-mauve blend with watermark above green throat that flows onto the petals and sepals. 40x7.5
award Ming Porcelain Evr *
Kirchhoff 1981 Cream-pink with luminous yellow throat. 28x5.25
award Mini Pearl Dor Ext Jablonski 1982 Miniature pink self. 16x3
  Mister Carrots Sev * Culver, B. 2018 A very ruffled orange-melon flower with a bright green throat. 34x5.5
  Mrs.London's Apricot Tart Dor * Mason, M. 2003 Pale apricot w/rose band, white midribs, grn thr. 27x6
  Mulan Sev * Culver,B. 2005 Peach pink blend purple, gold edge. 34x6
award Mulberry Walk Sev   Weston, J. 1988 Rose purple self, grn throat. 25x5.5
  Mulberry Way Sev * Culver,B. 2005 Ruffled lavender w/purple eye, purple & cream edge, grn thr. 33x5
  My Perfect Lady Dor * Culver,B. 2012 Ruffled cream-pink with a bright clear pink eye above a yellow to green throat. 30x5.5
award Mystical Rainbow Dor *
Stamile 1996 Pink w/multicoloured patterned eye. 25x5.5
  Nantucket Nagivator Dor * Mason,M. 2010 Royal purple with a ruffled white edge. 29x6.5
  Nellie McKerlie Dor * Culver, B. 2014 Polychrome blend with a rose blush, ruffled gold edge, greenish yellow throat above a deep green heart. 38x5.5
  Nick White Dor * Culver,B. 2012 Blend of melon-gold with heavily ruffled gold edge and green throat. 36x6
  Night Sky Sev * Mason, M. 2000 Round ruffled petals, grape purple self. 25x5.5
award Nosferatu Sev * Hanson,C. 1990 Purple self. 26x6
award Notify Ground Crew Dor * Hanson, C. 2000 Tall yellow self. 72x5
award Ocean Rain Sev * Hanson,C. 1987 Orchid pink blend. 26x6
  Odds And Ends Sev * Hanson,C. 1999 Lavender violet blend. 32x6
award Orchid Corsage Dor UF Saxton 1975 Pink lavender self UF. 32x7.5
award Our Friend Sally Dor   Carpenter, J. 2002 Pink/cream polychrome, grn thr. 20x6
award Outrageous Dor * Stevens 1978 Orange w/red eye. 22x4.5
  Paco Paco Sev * Pickles 2003 Lemon with deep red eye and edge. 28x5.5
  Pale Ale Dor UF Murphy, J.P. 2010 Light pink and stippled cream, light green throat, ruffled edge. 44x7
award Passion's Promise Sev * Sayers, P. 1999 Lipstick red w/overlay of gold, lt gold edge, grn thr 28x5
  Pastor John Dor * Culver, B. 2014 A mostly melon polychrome, featuring a bright green throat and ruffled gold edge. 36x5
  Pathway Of Peace Dor * Emmerich, K. 2005 Cream yellow with peach blush and cream midribs. 32x5
  Paula Heisen Dor * Mason, M. 2005 Peach cream w/lt.rose eye and gold wire edge 33x5.5
award Peach Candy Sev *
Stamile 1992 Peach Orchid w/wine red eye. 25x4.75
award Peach Magnolia Dor Db Joiner 1986 Peach self double. 32x5.5
  Pediddle Sev * Culver, B. 2010 Melon orange w/slight rose halo and ruffled orange edge. 28x4.5
  Photo Call Sev * Culver, B. 2019 Bright clear rose-pink flower with a white water-mark above a green throat. 28x6
  Phyllis Mitchell Dor * Culver, B. 2013 Peach pink with heavily ruffled gold edge and green throat. 30x5
  Picotee Prism Dor * Stamile-Pierce 2010 Cream base, black purple eye and edge above a triangular green throat. 27x5.5
  Pink Braid Sev * Carter, M. 1997 Pink and cream bicolor with green throat. 30x5.5
award Pink Cotton Candy Dor *
Stamile 1991 Pink w/red eye. 23x5
  Pink Diva Sev * Culver, B. 2017 Clear pink with large yellow-green throat and ruffled gold edge. 32x5.5
  Pink Playmate Dor Ext Rogers,A. 1996 Pink self.VLaRe 22x3.5
  Pink Whip Tips Sev *
Hanson, C. 2004 Rose pink w/deep rose eye above green throat. UF, Crispate. 30x6
  Pinkle Purr Dor * Mason, M. 2002 Ruffled clear pink w/lime grn throat. 25x3.5
  Piranha Dor * Culver, B. 2013 Polychrome blend with yellow-green highlights and very large edge with lots of ruffles and tentacles. 33x5.5
  Pointer Sisters Dor UF Church 2007 Cream self UF (unusual form) above lemon to green throat. 34x8
  Polar Sev * Culver, B. 2019 A very ruffled near white with a heavy gold edge above a green throat. 28x5
  Polar Queen Sev * Culver, B. 2018 A ruffled cream-white flower with a bright green throat. 31x6
Primal Scream Dor *
Hanson,C. 1994 Orange tangerine UF. 34x7.5
  Purple Kaboom Sev * Gossard 2006 Purple w/purple watermark, green throat. 29x6.5

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