Spring 2019 - Daylily List (Q to Z)
Newcomers entered as received and photographed in July/August

(black= my photos of previous summers)  (red=photos 2011)  (navy=photos 2012)  (green=photos 2013)
(violet=photos 2014)  (pink=photos 2015)  (teal=photos 2016)  (blue=photos 2017)  (brown=photos 2018)
Q-Zcamera Rainbow ColorsRaspberry WinterRebecca HockridgeRed KangarooRed Right ReturningRed SuspendersRed VolunteerRemembrance Of LoveRhythm And BluesRock LobsterRocket CityRose CorsageRose ElectraRose FiestaRose OdysseyRoyal FlourishRuby MoonRuby SpiderRuffled MagicSan SimeonScatterbrainShirley KochSilken TouchSiloam Ethel SmithSiloam MamaSiloam Royal PrinceSiloam Tee TinySitting On A CloudSloop ClearwaterSmuggler's GoldSneaky PeteSoft Summer NightSonic BoomSouth SeasSpirit FoxSpirit ZoneStack The DeckStardust LadyStatuesqueStick FigureStrawberry RoseStrutter's BallSugar CandySugarplum TaffySun PandaSylvia BuchwaldTa DahTax Man BillTechny SpiderTeddy Bears PicnicTennessee SensationTepinThe Full MontyThreshold Of A DreamThumbelinaTigerlingTiramisouTrahlytaTroubled SleepTruly AngelicTundra BirdUnending LoveUp Before DawnVanilla FluffVatican CityVenus FlytrapVictoria ParkVictorianaVino di TravisViolet AngelVulcan LogicWar DragonWatermelon TimeWatusi WarriorWebster's Pink WonderWhat About MeWhatcha Gonna DoWhat's UpWide Wide WorldWilson SpiderWineberry CandyWine PatchWizard's WishYes PleaseYukon Spring  Zodiac Express 
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* = tetraploid,   (Db)= double,  (S)= spider,  (SV)= spider variant,
 (Ext)= extended bloom, award= A.H.S. Award and/or Honor Rec'd,  Foliage-Dor/Sev/Evr=Dormant/SemiEvergreen/Evergreen
SSM (Stout Silver Medal) is the highest award presented annually by AHS
  Rainbow Colors Dor * Culver, B. 2008 Rose coral blend, pink midribs and vivid green throat. 35x5.5
award Raspberry Winter Dor * Trimmer 1999 Pale pink w/red eye above grn throat. 28x4
  Rebecca Hockridge Sev * Culver, B. 2008 Ruffled mauve self with bright green throat. 33x5.5
  Red Kangaroo Dor *
Gossard 2005 Scarlet red self above green throat. Crispate. 47x8
  Red Right Returning Dor * Mason, M. 2002 Bright scarlet red, round and ruffled 36x4.5
award Red Suspenders Dor * Webster 1990 Red self. 32x11
award Red Volunteer Dor * Oakes 1984 Large bright red self. 30x7
  Remembrance of Love Dor   Wild 1983 Yellow self. Ext. 24x7
  Rhythm And Blues Dor *
Stamile 1994 Lavender self. 22x6
award Rocket City Dor *
Hardy 1967 Brilliant orange w/darker eye. 36x6
award Rock Lobster Sev * Hanson,C. 1999 Rose violet self, grn thr. 36x6
  Rose Corsage Dor *
Stamile 1999 Rose w/rose throat, double. 21x5
  Rose Electra Sev * Culver, B. 2005 Metallic rose, gold edge, grn thr. 29x5.5
  Rose Fiesta Sev * Culver, B. 2002 Hot rose self. 27x6
  Rose Odyssey Sev * Culver, B. 2002 Rose pink self, green throat. 26x5.5
  Royal Flourish Dor * Mason, M. 2009 Bitone. Deep purple petals/raspberry sepals. White edge & watermark. 26x6.5
  Ruby Moon Dor * Trimmer 1999 Round yellow w/red eye, gold throat. 24x5.5
award Ruby Spider Dor *
Stamile 1991 Ruby red self, Unusual form. 34x9
award Ruffled Magic Sev Ext Brown 1981 Yellow self. 25x5.25
  San Simeon Dor * Stamile 2000 Salmon-rose blend w/salmon edge. 25x5.5
award Scatterbrain Sev Db Joiner 1988 Peach self. 32x6
  Shadow Dragon Sev * Polston 2009 Dark maroon with ruffled maroon edge and fine lined white outer edge above green throat. 26x5
  Shirley Koch Dor * Morgan, R. 2014 Deep purple with large watermark, green throat. 34x8
award Silken Touch Dor *
Stamile 1990 Pink Self. 23x6
award Siloam Ethel Smith Dor   Henry P. 1981 Creamy flower w/rose eye. 20x3.25
award Siloam Jim Cooper Dor Ext Henry P. 1981 Red w/darker red eye. 16x3.5
award Siloam Mama Dor Ext Henry P. 1982 Yellow self. 24x5.75
award Siloam Royal Prince Dor   Henry P. 1983 Purple self. 19x4
award Siloam Tee Tiny Dor   Henry P. 1981 Grape-orchid bloom w/purple eyezone. 20x2.75
  Sitting On A Cloud Sev * Emmerich 2009 Dark pink lavender with gray lavender watermark.Gold edge and yellow to green throat. 28x6.5
  Sloop Clearwater Dor * Mason, M. 2010 White with a very green throat. 29x6
award Smuggler's Gold Dor *
Branch 1991 Bronze w/gold blend. 24x6
  Sneaky Pete Dor UF
Manning, P. 2008 Purple w/lavender watermark above green throat. UFo Crispate. 38x7.5
award Snow Frost Pink Sev   Pierce 1980 Pink self. 22x5.5
  Soft Summer Night Dor * Stamile 1995 Pink w/rose eye. 23x5
  Sonic Boom Sev * Culver, B. 2018 A white flower with blue-purple eye flowing both into the petals and sepals. Purple edge. 32x5
award South Seas Dor *
Moldovan 1993 Tangarine coral w/red coral band. 30x5.5
award Spirit Fox Dor * Culver, B. 2001 Orange-red self, yellow throat. 27x5.5
award Spirit Zone Sev * Culver, B. 1999 Peach w/maroon halo over yellow thr. 28x4.5
award Stack The Deck Dor   Shooter, E. 1997 Red purple w/purple eyezone, cream edges. 32x7
  Stardust Lady Sev * Culver, B. 2005 Peach-pink blend pink, gold edge. 34x5.5
award Statuesque Dor Ext Stout 1956 Tall scapes with yellow blooms. 60x?
  Stick Figure Dor Sp
Stamile 2005 Lavender self above a green throat. Spider. 33x10.5
award Strawberry Rose Dor * Peck 1980 Pink self. 27x6.5
award Strutter's Ball Dor *
Moldovan 1984 Purple w/white watermark. 28x6
  Sugar Candy Dor   Wild 1973 Fuchsia w/glowing apricot heart. 34x5
  Sugarplum Taffy Dor * Mason, M. 2003 Pale lavender pink with washed orchid eye and very grn throat. 33x5
award Sun Panda Sev * Culver, B. 2009 Ruffled yellow gold with black wine eye above a green throat. 35x5
  Sunny Ridge Dor * Culver, B. 2017 Bright yellow gold with vivid green throat and ruffled edge. 34x5.5
  Sylvia Buchwald Sev * Culver, B. 2014 Ruffled rose-mauve blend with bright green throat. 38x5.5
  Ta-Dah Sev UF Brooks, BB. 2007 Striking Cascade UFo. Dark maroon purple above grn & gold throat. 44x9
  Tax Man Bill Sev * Culver, B. 2009 Bright gold orange with very ruffled edge. 31x6
award Techny Spider Dor * Reckamp 1987 Pink self. 21x7
  Teddy Bears Picnic Sev * Moldovan 2005 Light chocolate brown with brown eye pattern and lemon throat. 38x6
  Tennessee Sensation Sev *
Pickles L. 2000 Butterscotch w/bordeaux eye/edge, lime green throat. 26x5.5
  Tepin Sev * Culver, B. 2016 Yellow-gold flower with a red eye and ruffled edge. Green throat. 35x5
award The Full Monty Sev *
Mason, M. 2000 Huge ruffled fuchsia rose pink with grn thr. 28x7
award Thumbelina Dor   Fisher H. 1954 Perky little orange-copper flowers. 15x?
award Tigerling Dor * Stamile 1989 Orange w/red eye. 25x3.75
  Tiramisou Dor * Mason, M. 2009 Ruffled raspberry red, hint of white midribs and golden green throat. 29x5.5
  Threshold Of A Dream Dor * Owen, P. 2010 Pink lavender blend with deep rose lavender band above light green throat. 27x6.25
award Trahlyta Dor   Childs 1982 Violet w/purple eye. 30x6.5
  Troubled Sleep Sev * Hanson,C. 1998 Purple self, chartreuse throat. 36x6
award Truly Angelic Dor * Rice 1998 Mauve rose, lavender wm, gold edge. 26x5.5
  Tundra Bird Dor * Culver, B. 2011 Ruffled cream-yellow with green throat. 40x6
  Underdog Dor * Gossard 2011 Rosy red with dark purple eyezone and a very green throat. 31x6
  Unending Love Dor * Culver, B. 2012 Clear lavender pink with whitish-pink watermark and bright green throat 36x5.5
  Up Before Dawn Sev * Lorrain-Lycett 1999 Yellow pastel blend with gold edge above chartreuse throat. 29x6
award Vanilla Fluff Dor Db Joiner 1988 Double cream self. 34x6
award Vatican City Sev * Moldovan 2000 Grape-purple blend w/picotee edge. 26x6
  Venus Flytrap Dor * Gossard 2007 Burgundy maroon red with white tooth edge. 32x6
  Victoriana Sev * Culver, B. 2007 Ruffled salmon pink self w/gold edge, orange to green throat. 28x5.5
award Victoria Park Dor * Culver, B. 2002 Pink self, grn throat. 28x5.5
  Violet Angel Sev * Culver, B. 2004 Cream w/violet eye and edge, grn thr. 33x4.5
  Vino Di Travis Ev * Morss 2010 Intense wine purple w/violet eye. Small yellow to green throat. 29x6
  Vulcan Logic Sev * Hanson,C. 2004 Magenta orchid blend w/rose watermark and chartreuse throat. 30x5
  War Dragon Sev * Culver, B. 2002 Hot orange w/blk-red eye. 24x5
  Watermelon Time Dor * Stevens D.+ 1987 Pink w/red eye. 32x5.5
  Watusi Warrior Dor * Chambers - Moldovan 2003 Dark red above lemon to green throat. 36x5.5
Webster's Pink Wonder Sev UF
Webster-Cobb 2003 Pink self above green throat. UFo Crispate. 34x13
  What About Me Sev * Brooks, BB. 2007 Strong red self with huge star yellow to green throat. 38x6
  Whatcha Gonna Do Sev * Brooks, BB. 2010 Exotic red corduroy (ribbed). Large yellow eye with green throat. 30x6.5
  What's Up Dor   Brooks, BB. 2008 Extremely tall bitone that looks like a bicolor. Light maroon purple petals with yellow sepals. 55x7.25
  Wide Wide World Dor * Peck 1971 Reddish rose with a tangerine throat. 34x7
award Wilson Spider Dor SV Oakes 1987 Large purple blooms w/white eyezone. 28x7.5
award Wineberry Candy Dor *
Stamile 1990 Orchid w/purple eye. 22x4.75
  Wine Patch Sev * Culver, B. 2009 Ruffled cream pink with purple eye and green throat. 31x5.5
  Wizard's Wish Dor * Moldovan 2006 Orchid purple/lilac-cream bitone, cream wm & grn thr. 30x5.5
  Yankee Pinstripes Dor   Howard, R. 2013 Lavender broken color blend with darker segments, white striping and yellow throat. 34x5.5
  Yes Please Dor * Brooks, BB. 2012 Elegant hardy true pink self. 35x5.5
  Yukon Spring Dor * Culver, B. 2004 Yellow self. 27x5.5
  Zodiac Express Dor * Culver, B. 2016 A ruffled peach-pink with a lavender-mauve halo and edge. Green throat 36x5

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