"Siloam Daylilies"

Pauline HenryPauline Henry, of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, created hundreds of wondrous daylilies, registering 490 with AHS during a period of 37 years. She has won an amazing number of awards including the most prestigious Stout Silver Medal in 1993 for her Siloam Double Classic, along with numerous awards for her popular miniatures. Sadly, Pauline Henry passed away Sept. 20, 2000, at the age of 92. Her legacy of beautiful cultivars will remain in gardens around the world for many generations to come. Herein is a small sampling of her exceptional contribution.

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S.Sleigh Ride S.Masters Touch S.Jay Turman S. Homecoming S. Pauline Morrison
S.Sleigh Ride S.Masters Touch S.Jay Turman S.Homecoming S.Pauline Morrison
S. Tom Jones S. Vaughn's Luxury S. Toy Soldier S. Christmas Song S. Tommy Tucker
S.Tom Jones S.Vaughn's Luxury S.Toy Soldier S.Christmas Song S.Tommy Tucker
S. Olin Frazier S. Melvin's Blush S. Ruby Christie S. Matthew Kaskel S. Leo's Joy
S.Olin Frazier S.Melvin's Blush S.Ruby Christie S.Matthew Kaskel S.Leo's Joy
S. Frances Hogan S. Dark Lace S. Ace High S. Gospel Song S. Early Dawn
S.Frances Hogan S.Dark Lace S.Ace High S.Gospel Song S.Early Dawn
S. Clint Barnes S. Double Sensation S. Clary's Parade S. Smoky Joe S. John Holland
S.Clint Barnes S.Double Sensation S.Clary's Parade S.Smoky Joe S.John Holland
S. Elfin Jewel S. Coal Spot S. Andrew Trotter S. Fine Art S. Wendy Glawson
S.Elfin Jewel S.Coal Spot S.Andrew Trotter S.Fine Art S.Wendy Glawson
S. Ruffled Splendor S. Pure Gold S. Dean Reusser S. Gumdrop S. Tom Wilson
S.Ruffled Splendor S.Pure Gold S.Dean Reusser S.Gumdrop S.Tom Wilson
S. Darrel's Double S. Jim Cooper S. Ury Winniford S. Copper Kettle S. Tiny Tears
S.Darrel's Double S.Jim Cooper S.Ury Winniford S.Copper Kettle S.Tiny Tears
S. Little Girl S. Amazing Grace S. Artwork A. Baby Doll S. Double Classic
S.Little Girl S.Amazing Grace S.Art Work S.Baby Doll S.Double Classic
S. Bertie Ferris S. Stinnett's Delight S. June Bug S. Shocker S. Showoff
S.Bertie Ferris S.Stinnett's Delight S.June Bug S.Shocker S.Showoff
S. Art Moore S. Upper Crust S. Royalty S. Golden Gate S. Jack Spratt
S.Art Moore S.Upper Crust S.Royalty S.Golden Gate S.Jack Spratt
S. Royal Prince S. Porcelain Doll S. Space Age S. Dan Trimmer S. Holland's Choice
S.Royal Prince S.Porcelain Doll S.Space Age S.Dan Trimmer S.Holland's Choice
S. Howard's Harmony S. Joy S. Doodlebug S. Grace Stamile S. Grand Slam
S.Howard's Harmony S.Joy S.Doodlebug S.Grace Stamile S.Grand Slam
S. Apple Blossom S. Tiny Tim S. Ethel Smith S. Lesia Mowery S. Sue Mills
S.Apple Blossom S.Tiny Tim S.Ethel Smith S.Lesia Mowery S.Sue Mills

Photos are all courtesy of Bob Clary
Author of CD entitled "Daylily Databases and Images"
Sadly, Bob passed away Dec.'04 and will be sorely missed by the daylily community.

Special thanks to Darrel Apps for permission to use the above photo of Pauline Henry

Photo of Pauline Henry reproduced from:
Daylilies - A Fifty Year Affair by Frances Gatlin
Publication of the American Hemerocallis Society

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